Nicki Bille Nielsen went to prison again! Strange translations of a footballer’s attorney. Soccer

Nicki Bille Nielsen cannot be forgotten. The Danish striker was sentenced to four months in prison last year for beating a porter and bullying a nurse, later causing a serious accident on a Danish motorway. Former soccer player Lech Poznan he crashed his Mercedes C300 and injured five people.

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Space money for Lech Poznań! Legia can dream about it

In October last year, Nicki Bille Nielsen attacked the cyclist with a gun in his hand. At the same time, police found 0.26 grams of cocaine with him. Former competitor Lech Poznan he explained that he was not aiming at the victim, but only holding the gun up. He was acquitted of these charges. But he ended up in prison for a month for cocaine and a movie where he had oral sex in a public place.

Strange translation of a footballer’s lawyer

The footballer appealed against the sentence and managed to win the possibility of serving a sentence at home. Now, however, information has emerged that the house arrest has been changed to a regular prison. The reason is bizarre. The footballer was forbidden to consume alcohol while serving his sentence, and during routine examinations it turned out that the footballer was under the influence of alcohol.

– He had a few beers. He thought they were alcohol-free. He was not planning on drinking alcohol at all. He just misread the label. If he wanted a drink, he would have bought an ordinary beer, says Asser Gregersen, the attorney of the Dane in the Danish media.

Nicki Bille Nielsen he performed in the years 2016-2018 in Lech Poznań. Louder than his football achievements, however, was about his off-field antics, which has been talked about so far. The Dane has now become a TV star thanks to the series “Nicki Bille” broadcast on Danish TV2. The Dane told there about his son, whom he had not seen for a long time, about when he was arrested, about the money he squandered, and about his love for an 18-year-old with whom he was supposed to have a child, according to the Danish media. The series was to help the former football player of Lech Poznań rise from the bottom, which he fell on because of his addictions.

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