Nick Yang’s scumbag blew himself up for “sleeping with his teammates in cheerleading”, causing the girl to be expelled

Tan Zhaoqing / Full report

When NBA Lakers’ former “mad shooter” Nick Young was on a podcast recently, he talked about Celtic manager Ime Udoka who was recently suspended for dating a women’s team employee and was fired. He not only he has violated the green jersey. rules, in fact, the whole league team does not allow this type of situation to happen, he then added to the explosion: “I remember that when I first entered the NBA as a rookie, I found myself with a magical cheerleader, and was found out to be a rookie and was fired for this.

Nick Young blew himself up and slept with his teammates in cheerleading, causing the girl to be expelled. (Image / Excerpt from Twitter)

Nick Young said: “I had sex with teammate Andray Blatche when I was a Wizards rookie with a cheerleader girl, which is not allowed in the NBA, and the team found that when we came to the gym, people would like it. they blamed it for getting you fired because of what we did wrong. “

Nick Young also said the Udoka affair wasn’t a big deal: “It doesn’t matter which woman you’re in a relationship with, the real point is that if the man is boring, that’s what happens, so does it.” by the Wizards in 2007. In the NBA, he played for the Clippers, Lakers, Warriors, Gold Nuggets and other teams in his career. After joining the Warriors, he also wore a championship ring. Blatche entered the NBA through the draft after graduating from high school in 2005, and subsequently played for the Wizards and Nets. The two worked as teammates in the Wizards for 5 years.

Later, when Nick Young was still playing for the Lakers, his teammate D’Angelo Russell secretly filmed a video in which he admitted to cheating.

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