Nick from ‘Blind Married’ suddenly looks different: “Should I shave or not?” (photo)


Nick Laenen always wore a stubble beard in ‘Blind Married’, but now he has a different look. His ‘Blind Married’ match is not exactly convinced …<!– –>

Nick was linked to Christophe in ‘Blind Married’. The two got along well, but in the end they decided not to stay married. In the meantime, Christophe has already found love with his current friend Carl.

Not a fan

Recently, Nick decided to trade in his stubble beard for a mustache. He inquired about Christophe’s opinion about his new look, but he is apparently not a fan. “It has clearly been too long since you have seen me. And I was hoping you were going to keep it up until Monday, but the mental breakdown has clearly already started ”, responded Christophe.<!– –>

Meanwhile, Nick also asked his followers if he should keep his mustache. The answer was clear: shave!

Instagram Stories / @nick_laenen

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