Nice: Fournier scratches Galtier … and presses PSG

Champion of France with Lille in 2021, Christophe Galtier had an eventful season in Nice. While his name is circulating on the side of Paris Saint-Germain, the coach of the Riviera club was judged quite harshly by the sports director of Niois, Julien Fournier, who does not hold him back.

Galtier and Fournier, relations are fresh.

Christophe Galtier had a… weird season. Arrived with the status of champion of France, won with Lille, the Marseille coach has alternated the good and the less good on the side of Nice.

Despite a fine 5th place, the club from the French Riviera was generally disappointing in the production of the game and often difficult to follow. An observation made by observers, fans but also by the leaders of the Gym. In particular by Julien Fournier.

J. Fournier – as some players also happen, he was less efficient with us

In an interview granted to L’Equipe, the sports director of the OGCN judged this first season of the 55-year-old coach in a way… muscular. Christophe performed extremely well in Lille. As some players also happen, he performed less well with us. launched the Niois leader. We expect him, next season, to perform better, especially in the attacking aspects warned Fournier, visibly very much due to the slightly too defensive intentions of the former Saint-Etienne technician.

Let’s take the quality of our attacking players individually. We are the ninth attack in the championship (with 52 goals). I think that in the eight who are in front, there are those who would like to have our offensive force. When I look at the physiognomy in the second half of the season, there are very few games that we have mastered. We scored on individual exploits, sometimes at the last minute. That means that individually, our players have talent. But we had no collective strength sighed the ex-president of Strasbourg.

Fournier’s response to the winter transfer window

Fournier notably responded to the reproaches of his coach, who had not been thrilled by the winter transfer window with the only arrivals of Jordan Amavi and Billal Brahimi. It’s giving yourself an excuse. Sometimes to escape a form of reality. This team, as it is, could have had better results. With more attacking momentum, sometimes more courage dropped the Varois, who did not hesitate to press a little more where it hurt to put Galtier face to face with his responsibilities.

It is his reading. I find that – even compared to Billal (Brahimi) – very hard, not fair at all. Ironically, it is he who crosses the 3rd goal from Andy’s header (Delort) in the last match (3-2 Reims)… This is his reading of the events. It’s a shortcut. I think he could have performed better too. tanned Fournier, who does not regret having put on Galtier, while slipping him a new tackle. If I put myself in the context of last year, I take the same decision. But you never know a person until you’ve worked with them.

Fournier’s message to PSG

Fresh relations which could push the azure coach to leave, while Paris Saint-Germain is tracking him to replace Mauricio Pochettino. A rumor on which Fournier bounced. I am like you, I read. But he is under contract, it is a reality. So he’s more likely to be Nice than not to be there. It’s very basic but it’s very true. Afterwards, if Paris Saint-Germain comes, and it’s a decision that I obviously can’t take alone, when you have this type of club that comes to get one of your players or your coach, it’s It’s hard to say “no”. admitted the former secretary general of Olympique de Marseille.

He nevertheless urged Parisian leaders not to procrastinate too long. Each passing day makes the task of Paris Saint-Germain more difficult, because we have to move forward for next season. If they want it, they must not delay. (…) I repeat that if Paris Saint-Germain want Christophe Galtier, they must not wait too long, otherwise it will be more complicated for him , insisted Fournier. A very clear message to PSG. But also for Galtier, who now knows what to do with his hierarchy after a first season that has not been easy at Allianz-Riviera.

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