Nice, center-right attacks: “Via la Lamorgese”, “Explain”

Welcome back Middle Ages. A time made of severed heads and plague. A specter wanders through old Europe. It is called fear. The facts of Nice highlight all weaknesses of our civilization. “The Roman Empire fell when the Romans lost consciousness of themselves,” someone said. And so we find ourselves on this Thursday in late October to discuss an announced tragedy. Precisely in secular France. Right in a temple of Christianity. This is what happens when we are ready to do anything to bring extremism into our home. Let’s not talk about one crusade against the Muslim world, which for DNA, among other things, we could define conservative. But of a fundamentalist fringe that sows panic and destruction. It has been doing this for at least twenty years. From that September 11th that relaunched the perpetual motion of history. A top that, after the end of the Cold War, now seemed destined to stop. Freedom. Rule of law and the Catholic religion are under attack. And we weren’t provoking the enemy.

This the center right He knows. And don’t hold back when rumors seem to confirm that Brahin Aoussaoui (the ripper of Nice) has stepped on the beams of a boat that ran aground in Lampedusa. “The Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, has the duty to explain how a migrant who landed in Italy in full pandemic could reach France with impunity and carry out a massacre”, thunders the parent company in the Senate of Forza Italia, Anna Maria Bernini. “It is unacceptable that, given the Covid emergency, to which the terrorism alarm has now been added, thousands of immigrants continue to be notified of a simple roadmap, which in most cases allows them to disappear into thin air. lack of sufficient places in the repatriation centers “.

Then it continues: “There is therefore a precise political responsibility that cannot be overlooked. We need an immediate turnaround on indiscriminate reception. It is paradoxical that the Minister of the Interior who defended the borders is on trial. And who has always maintained that the terrorists do not arrive on the boats can remain in place as if nothing had happened “.

Bernini is joined by the voice of Matteo Salvini: “If the landing in Lampedusa in September, the passage from Bari and then the escape are confirmed for the Nice attacker, we ask for the resignation of the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese. The Nice attack was not supposed to land and was not free to tour Europe and shed blood. Mr. Conte, apologize to the French and Italian people. Madam Lamorgese, apologize to the French and Italian people. And resign “.

Hard also the comment of Brothers of Italy. “If this news were to be true, the Conte government would have to apologize to France”, declared the commissioner of the Chamber and member of the foreign affairs commission Edmondo Cirielli, following what was reported by the French deputy Eric Ciotti, according to which the attacker from Nice would be a Tunisian landed in Lampedusa. “The Democratic Party and the Five Stars with their policy of indiscriminate welcome would be moral co-responsible for today’s massacre. The fact is that the Italian state is in the hands of incompetent people with the Minister of the Interior in mind. They have betrayed Europe with the their inability to control the borders and the national territory, probably allowing a dangerous criminal to travel through Italy undisturbed. Tunisians, however, have no right to enter our homeland as there is no war in their nation It was good, therefore, the France to close its borders. Now Prime Minister Conte apologizes to Macron and Minister Lamorgese, with dignity, resigns for this umpteenth failure of the reception control system. In this sense – concludes Cirielli – I will present a question: the government quickly sheds light on the truthfulness of the facts and those responsible for what happened pay. The safety of Italians can no longer be endangered “.

“Lamorgese report immediately to Copasir”asks the senator of the Brothers of Italy, Adolfo Urso. “If it were true that that terrorist landed in Lampedusa, it would be of unprecedented gravity. Italy cannot become a terror route”. The center-right, therefore, asks for the head of the head of the Interior Ministry. It’s a metaphor, of course. In the West it works like this.

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