Niccolls and Drake, camera reviewers previously associated with DPReview, transitions to PetaPixel.

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, the Canadian duo who spent five years publishing camera video reviews on DPReview’s YouTube channel, are moving to camera website PetaPixel. This has to do with the closure of

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake will begin their first videos on the new in May YouTube channel of PetaPixel. There is currently only one video there: the one in which the two camera enthusiasts announce their switch to PetaPixel.

In a announcement post on PetaPixel there is talk of an almost seamless transition, although something will change. The videos of the two on DPReview were mostly just reviews of cameras and lenses. That will probably also be the main part at PetaPixel, but they will also make other types of content, such as stories and documentaries.

The move from photography aficionado Chris Niccolls to the more video proficient oriented Jordan Drake is a direct result of closing. Owner Amazon pulls the plug on this big camera website; the site will go offline from April 10. The duo made such a switch about five years ago when they left The Camera Store for DPReview.

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