Nia Ramadhani Arrested by Police, Kalina Oktarani Pregnant with Vicky Prasetyo’s Child


This week, the entertainment world in the country was shocked by some news from the actors. There is Nia Ramadhani arrested by the police for drug abuse. Nia Ramadhani caught nyabu. Her husband, Ardi Bakrie, was also known to often have sex together.

Not only that, there is also happy news from Kalina Oktarani and Vicky Prasetyo. Kalina Oktarani is known to be pregnant with Vicky Prasetyo’s child.

Here are the top five news stories this week:

1. Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie Arrested by Police

Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie were arrested by the police for drug abuse. The two were arrested separately. Nia Ramadhani was first arrested in a house in the South Jakarta area. Next, Ardi Bakrie just surrendered. After the news, Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie finally appeared.

Nia Ramadhani conveyed his apology to all parties. Especially with family and also Allah SWT. He says what he does is not a good example and should not be imitated.

Natasha Wilona makes a scene. This is because he is known to be positive for COVID-19 but is said to be insistent on filming. But all of that was denied by Natasha Wilona.

He said that no one insisted on filming when he was positive for COVID-19. Natasha wilona also gave an explanation on Instagram which then explained everything through a virtual interview.

3. Sad News

This week we have some sad news. Among them is the former vocalist of Audiensi Band, R. Akhman Ismail who died. He died of COVID-19.

There is also Yuda Dadali who died. Yudha died due to digestive problems and shortness of breath.

Not only that, there is also sad news from Asri Welas and also Kartika Putri. Asri Welas’s younger brother, Puguh Yuniantoko, passed away on the eve of his wedding day. This was conveyed by Asri Welas through her Instagram.

Kartika Putri also brought sad news. His mother, Masayu Puspita Diana Putri, died after battling COVID-19.

Irwansyah is also grieving. His father, Umar Effendi died after also fighting against COVID-19.

The mother, singer Mahalini also died. Mahalini also praised the mother for having become the mother she called for.

4. Dinar Candy Become a Victim of Harassment

Dinar Candy became a public conversation in cyberspace after a video of him while filming a viral television program. In the video clip, Dinar looks annoyed after being a victim of harassment by one of the men.

The video was taken when she was filming at a market and suddenly a man grabbed her shoulder and touched her breasts.

Dinar was surprised and felt uncomfortable to scream.

“What the hell are you holding on to, I don’t like being held like that,” he said in the video.

Kalina Oktarani is known to be pregnant with Vicky Prasetyo’s child. This was conveyed by Kalina Oktarani on her Instagram. Kalina Oktarani and Vicky Prasetyo can’t wait for their baby to come into the world.

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