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Produced by Andy Lau, directed by Qiu Litao, and starring Andy Lau, Liu Qingyun, and Ni Ni, the action crime movie “Bomb Disposal Expert 2” is still in the national hits. As a sequel to the bomb disposal series, the film does not demolition bombs, bombs and bombs. Randian is fully upgraded. Since its release, it has received a lot of praise, and the box office has continued to rise. As of press time, the cumulative box office of the movie has exceeded 500 million. In the film, the police elite Pang Ling played by Ni Ni left a deep impression on many viewers.

Ni Ni’s acting skills are remarkable

Unlike other Hong Kong movies, the heroines are mostly instrumental roles. Pang Ling played by Ni Ni in “Bomb Disposaler 2” broke the audience’s stereotype of the role of the heroine of Hong Kong movies. In the film, Pang Ling is the key figure in the reversal of the plot. She is the chief inspector of the anti-terrorist secret service force and Pan Chengfeng’s ex-girlfriend. When the two had different views on the matter, Pan Chengfeng, who was driving, was quite impatient and drove Pang Ling out of the car, but Pang Ling did not give up persuading her eyes at the moment with deep fetters. Ni Ni’s performance interprets the complexity of this role, allowing the audience to see the anxiety of “I want to save you but cannot”. The crying scene of Pang Ling who was abandoned on the side of the road was distressing, but Ni Ni’s performance made the audience feel the firmness of her heart. Pang Ling’s sentence “Can you continue your plan?” leads to the biggest suspense in the film. Then Ni Ni contributed a number of tearful moments in the film. When she revealed the fake undercover plan to Dong Wenzhuo in the chief’s office, she cried for a second, and the inner struggle of the acting character pierced the hearts of the audience. At the climax of the film, she gave orders to give up Pan Chengfeng, which can be described as a “cry scene”. Ni Ni’s sincere and emotional devotion made the scene so contagious and attracted the audience to tears.

Ni Ni played Pang Ling and won numerous praises

The intense and exciting plot of “Bomb Disposaler 2” shocked many audiences. In addition, the performance of the actors was also hotly discussed by the audience. In particular, Ni Ni, who played the police role for the first time, successfully achieved another personal breakthrough. She is brave and intent, and she is very pleasantly surprised in the fist-fighting man scene. Many audience members called out: “Ni Ni is really amazing. When Pan Chengfeng died, she reluctantly explained everything and wept bitterly afterwards. I also cried.” “Pang Ling, played by Ni Ni, struggled between justice and love and broke out.” Quite a lot, Ni Ni is well controlled”

Behind the praise, it proved that Ni Ni’s efforts were not in vain. In order to get closer to the role, she vigorously exercised, practiced the gun-holding posture, gained weight and tanned herself. Even in order to make the fighting effect more real, she asked Andy Lau to increase her strength when filming a scene where Andy Lau was “locked”. When asked to climb the suspended ladder, Ni Ni overcomes the fear of heights and defies the super-high ladder, climbing up and down many times, and the final action scene is completed neatly. In addition, she also personally played the indoor shootout, communicated with the action director, and discussed the movement with the partner actors, which showed the cool actions and scenes, and netizens praised Ni Ni for being so sassy.

Ni Ni ushered in a small explosion at the end of the year

The popularity of “Bomb Disposal Expert 2” continues to soar. The current Maoyan reputation score is as high as 9.4 and Douban scores 8.0. In addition to the big screen works, the TV series “Golden Years” starring Ni Ni is now also on the air. The film tells It shows the friendship between Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo (Ni Ni) supporting each other all the way, and the inspirational story of their growth after years of baptism. Since “Golden Years” was set, whether it is the star-studded cast or the highly anticipated double-strong partner, the film has become the most anticipated drama at the end of the year. Ni Ni, who performed well in “Bomb Disposal Expert 2,” played the sassy girl Zhu Suosuo, and her first appearance in a modern drama brought great surprises to the audience. At the same time, the long-awaited drama “Yao Yao Dong Ba” starring Ni Ni also returned today and officially started. At the end of 2020, Ni Ni can be described as the real “three-peripheral development of movies, TV dramas”.

At the end of 2020, Ni Ni’s high-quality works continue to be produced, ushering in a small explosion. Accumulate energy and forge ahead, “three great shows”, have you watched it?



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