‘NHSO.-CR.-IHRI’ held a meeting to clarify, inviting AIDS-related NGOs to join the gold card service. Caring for HIV-infected/risk groups in the community.

NHSO joins forces with Department of Disease Control and IHRI to organize meeting on ‘Civil Society Organizations Providing HIV Services’ to register as a specialist HIV referral service in the card system golden. Accelerate proactive community service Take care of at-risk groups and infected people accessing services. ready to create equality To date, 17 locations have been registered, 5 of which are ongoing.

Dr. Rattapon Triamwichanon qualified person The mission team supports participation and advocacy. The National Health Security Office (NHSO) declared ‘World AIDS Day’ on 1 December The NHSO has joined networking organizations working on HIV/AIDS. Mission statement “U=U : Healthcare system must be equal People living with HIV must be equal” to raise awareness of the correct understanding of HIV based on the principle U=U (Undetectable = Not communicable). Encourage people living with HIV to stay on treatment regimen.

This is to further the intent of this announcement and achieve the national strategic goal of ending AIDS. 2017-2030 In addition to the benefits of caring for people living with HIV/AIDS in the national health security system or the 30 baht gold card that have been continuously developed. Most recently, on 6 June 2022, the NHSO board voted to authorize “civil society organizations providing HIV and STD services in the community” who have been assessed against the organisation’s standards. ‘HIV and STDs in the community by the Department of Disease Control Register as another public health facility (Specialist HIV and STDs referral service)
According to Section 3 of the National Health Security Act, 2002

Dr Rattapol said the implementation progress under this NHSO council resolution was held on 24 November 2022. The NHSO held a “meeting to explain the progress of training and certification of civil organisations. Societies ( NGOs) who organize HIV services To be registered as a specialist referral service for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in the National Health Security System” via online Department of Disease Control Cooperation and the Institute for Research and HIV Innovation (IHRI), with Dr. Chadet Thammathatcha-aree, Secretary General of the NHSO, and Dr. Preecha Prempri, Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control. open meeting with representatives of private organizations public sector organization Community organizations on HIV and STDs attended by 225 people.

For civil society organizations providing HIV services joining as a common service unit in this 30 baht gold card scheme they must be qualified according to the criteria set by the NHS, namely: National Health Security and is not under supervision of Hospital Act 2. Have at least 1 year of public health performance and have been certified by the relevant government agencies. Or a private organization which is an NHSO certified legal entity and 3. There are experienced staff who have received performance certification from relevant government agencies. Or a private organization which is an NHS certified legal entity or has staff who have completed service-related training courses.

This meeting was intended to clarify and understand the process for civil society organizations providing HIV services. and are interested in joining as a service unit with the NHSO in caring for people at risk and people infected with HIV in the community to receive services including action to achieve the goal of ending AIDS. HIV is a sensitive issue and requires different mechanisms. existing to work together Because only government agencies may not be able to take proactive action. It is necessary to draw NGO civil society and the public sector to work together supported by the Council of the Medical Professions

“Currently, the NHSO has registered 17 specific HIV and STD referral services, with a further five in the process of registering. At least no fewer than 10 organizations are expected to participate. 60 locations is another innovation.” This was stated by the Mission Group Supporting Participation and Rights Protection

For more information, please contact
1. NSO Hotline 1330
2. Online channels
• Line: NHSO Type Line ID @nhso or click https://lin.ee/zzn3pU6
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