Ngecas Wuling Air ev, Capital Rp 65 thousand Can Walk to Cirebon


For the size of a small electric car, Wuling Air ev can travel quite a distance. In addition, because this car is fully electric, the travel costs are also quite economical. With a capital of IDR 65 thousand, Wuling Air ev can be used from Jakarta to Cirebon City.

On paper, Wuling Air ev is equipped with a choice of 18 kWh batteries in the standard range variant and 26.5 kWh in the long range variant. The standard range type can cover a distance of 200 km, while the long range type can cover a longer distance, up to 300 km.

detikOto try to do a simulation of the cost calculations if you travel out of town using this Wuling electric car. The formula is, the cost of electricity per kWh x battery capacity (kWh), then you will find charging costs from 0% to 100% battery.



First, for the Air ev long range model, with a battery capacity of 26.5 kWh, the electricity tariff is IDR 65,587. With the ability to travel 300 km, it can be used to travel from Jakarta to Cirebon via toll roads with a distance of 217.6 km.

Second, for the Air ev standard range model, with a battery capacity of 18 kWh, the electricity tariff is IDR 44,550. With the ability to travel 200 km, it can be used to travel from Jakarta to Bandung via toll roads with a distance of 150 km.

For information, Wuling Air ev is officially marketed in Indonesia with an estimated price of Rp 250 million-Rp 300 million in Jakarta. Previously, the exterior of the Wuling Air ev was officially exhibited to the public in early June at Central Park, Jakarta.

Wuling Air ev is claimed to have several advantages, including being supported by a sturdy frame, easy charging because it can be done at home, to guaranteeing the safety of the battery in the vehicle.

The Wuling Air ev cabin can accommodate four passengers, with a 50:50 arrangement on the second row of seats to provide more access. The Wuling Air ev seats are also supported by the application of Synthetic Leather Seats on all benches.

This electric car is supported by the use of the Intelligent Tech Dashboard at the front which combines futuristic panels and knobs and a wide interface screen. On this dashboard, there is also a Multifunction Steering Wheel with the silver Wuling logo which is equipped with audio and menu operation buttons.

In the Intelligent Tech Dashboard sector, Wuling presents a touch of sophistication through the Integrated Floating Wide Screen. This area consists of a 10.25″ head unit and a 10.25″ meter cluster. The sophisticated and innovative design is highlighted by the presence of a large screen on the dashboard.

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