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Something’s happening again in the NFL!

In Week 12 there is animal alarm in Cleveland, Tom Brady admits his fourth loss in his last six games and the Dolphins once again underline why they are considered the secret favorites for the Super Bowl!

Cleveland Browns — Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11:17pm

What a thriller! Quarterback legend Tom Brady admitted to a very, very bitter bust in the first game after his Monaco guest appearance. In overtime! 19 seconds left!

Browns machine Nick Chubb slams into end zone – touchdown! Victory for Cleveland, elimination for Brady!

The Bucs are dominant over long stretches, but they can’t close the bag. This pays off! And Brady’s frustration level is rising! The megastar is increasingly seen in close-ups, staring into space at the Buccaneers’ performance.

Emotion in the stands: A skunk suddenly appears in block 140! Yes, a skunk! It is not known how the black and white animal arrived at the stadium.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers 40:33

Two-thirds into the NFL main round, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs solidified their roles as Super Bowl contenders. The Eagles defeated the Green Bay Packers in hand 40:33 Sunday (local time). The Eagles are the only team in the league to have ten wins in eleven games, while Kansas City already has two losses.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers could not finish the game for the Packers, Jordan Love played for him and in the meantime caused tension again with a quick touchdown pass.

However, the Eagles team, led by Jalen Hurts, defended the lead. “We overcame some difficulties today,” said Hurts, celebrating the win against Rodgers, who he described as a great role model from his childhood.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Baltimore Ravens 28:27

Mega Storm Over Jacksonville! Just before the match, the stands must also be cleared to protect the fans. As the rain and thunderstorms pass, fans are allowed back into the stadium. The game starts late.

Incredible final stage: The Ravens are with 2:02 minutes left with a 27:20 lead after a Josh Oliver touchdown and a successful two-point conversion by Mark Andrews. The decision? No! The Jaguars take 26:27 with 18 seconds to get past a Marvin Jones touchdown run. Great pass by Trevor Lawrence!

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Huge discussion! The matter is being examined by the video referee because it is not clear whether Jones ended up on the field or not. But count!

A kick in the tie? All or nothing with two-point conversion? The jaguars risk everything: they score two points with Zay Jones. There are 14 seconds left to play.

The Ravens still have a chance! Justin Tucker shoots from 67 yards, but the egg is too short, it doesn’t land between the bars.

Miami Dolphins – Houston Texans 30:15

Tua Tagovailoa MVP discussions are hot in the United States. The Dolphins quarterback leads his team to a fifth straight win.

It’s 30-0 at halftime! After that, Miami shifts gears. However, victory is no longer in danger.

It’s amazing what Tua is taking and enduring this season! Unforgettable is the scene where he staggers across the field after a hit. This time a hard blow from Maliek Collins knocks him to the ground, his body flexing as if it were made of rubber. The fans at the stadium hold their breath! And how does the quarterback react? He gets up as if nothing had happened.

New York Jets — Chicago Bears 31:10

BILD NFL columnist Carsten Spengemann knew this before the game: “It’s a good thing Zach Wilson is out now.” And indeed! Without their crisis playmaker, the Jets suddenly prevailed. Substitute Mike White set up three touchdowns.

Head coach Robert Saleh explains Wilson’s demotion like this: “It’s a daily decision. He’s young, but he needs a reset. He’s doing a good job, but now he needs to sit up and focus again.”

Quarterback Justin Fields (shoulder injury) is totally absent from the Bears! Substitute Trevor Siemian cannot fill the void. Skurill: Before the match, there were reports that Siemian was injured in the warm-up, so number three playmaker Nathan Peterman has to go. In the end, however, Siemian catches up.

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Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals 4:20pm

The Titans wanted revenge for their January playoff exit! But it does not work! The Bengals get their third straight win without injured Joe Mixon (five touchdowns left against the Panthers two weeks ago) and Ja’Marr Chase.

Thrill for the Bengals’ game-winning touchdown: Tee Higgins pushes his guard away. But for the referees everything is clean.

Washington Commanders – Atlanta Falcons 7:13pm

Sixth commanders win in their last seven games! Playmaker Taylor Heinicke threw two touchdowns.

Which: Commanders running back Brian Robinson, who was killed during a robbery in late August, celebrates his win in an XXL hat.

Carolina Panthers — Denver Broncos 11:10 pm

Trouble in the Broncos – and it’s in the middle of the game! Fox US TV shows defensive back Mike Purcell marching to the outside line, then suddenly changes direction – he approaches quarterback Russell Wilson and violently yells at him! The playmaker looks perplexed and nods.

There have been repeated reports recently that Broncos players are not happy with Wilson. The quarterback has not yet been able to meet the high expectations placed on him.

Which: The quarterback rolls sideways into the end zone on Sam Darnold’s touchdown run. Also rarely seen.

At 23:3 to start the fourth quarter, the Panthers’ victory was clear.

Arizona Cardinals – Los Angeles Chargers 24:25

Mega thriller 25 seconds before the end: The Chargers trail by 5:24 p.m. Austin Ekeler scores touchdown. 11:24 PM! And now? Fans are calling for a two point conversion! There are 15 seconds left to play. The Chargers take a chance! bam! Justin Herbert shoots the egg into Gerald Everett’s arms. 25:24! The decision!

Seattle Seahawks — Las Vegas Raiders 34:40

Wild Point Fireworks! The game goes back and forth. At 34:34 it goes into overtime! And for the second time in a row, the Raiders win in overtime! Josh Jacobs runs for a touchdown 86 yards into the end zone! German Jakob Johnson provides the needed vacuum in the Seahawks defense.

Crazy scene at the beginning of the fourth quarter: Misunderstanding between Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith and Kenneth Walker III during a ball transfer. You take it, I have it for sure. Suddenly the egg is on the ground. Chandler Jones goes for it: Raiders get skin!

Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams 10:10pm

AAAAAAA! Rams coach Sean McVay gets hit hard by a helmet on the outline! Rookie Kenny Young overlooks the coach and more than unhappily catches him on the jaw and left side of his face while wearing his helmet. Coach stumbles, looks battered. An assistant coach comes to the rescue.

With a thick cheek he sees the next fly swatter for the Super Bowl champion! Already the eighth defeat for the defending champion. Sure hurts McVay more than a blow to the head…

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints 1:00pm

Fourth consecutive victory for the 49ers, aiming for the Super Bowl! Amarissimo: The Saints remain pointless…


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