Neymar’s Whisper When Insulting Messi in the Copa America Final

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Neymar reveal what was whispered to Lionel Messi after Brazil lost to Argentina in the final America’s Cup 2021 at the Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Sunday (11/7) morning WIB.

Neymar immediately burst into tears after Brazil was beaten 0-1 by Argentina in the 2021 Copa America final. Angel Di Maria’s single goal was enough for Argentina to beat Brazil at home.

After a number of officials and players from both teams tried to comfort Neymar, the PSG forward then approached Messi to congratulate him.

In a message on Instagram, Neymar admitted he was joking by insulting Messi while hugging after the 2021 Copa America final.


“This defeat hurts me a lot and until now I can’t accept it. Yesterday when I lost, I hugged the greatest and best player I have ever seen in the history of football, my friend and brother, Messi,” wrote Neymar quoted from Neymar. Brand.

“I was very sad and I joked to Messi, ‘You son of a bitch, you beat me’. I am very sad to lose, but this player is incredible,” wrote Neymar.

It didn’t take long for Neymar to be cheerful again after Brazil’s defeat in the 2021 Copa America final. The 29-year-old striker was caught on camera laughing with Messi on the steps of the Marancana Stadium after the match.

“I have great respect for what Messi has done for the world of football, especially for me. I hate to lose, but enjoy your title. Football is waiting for you for this moment. Congratulations my brother,” wrote Neymar.

Victory in the 2021 Copa America final saw Messi win his first international title with the Argentine national team. While Neymar has not been able to win a major tournament title (Copa America / World Cup) with Brazil.

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