Neymar is back, followed by Cristiano; Messi is left alone in the Pullavarule River

When the World Cup started in Qatar, there was excitement in Kerala. Huge clippings of favorite stars and fan fights have seen a bigger fight than the World Cup since the group stage. Most notable of these were the high cuttings in the Pullavur River in the Kozhikode district. Messi’s cutout was the first to step into the river. After that, Neymar and Cristiano stood with their chests in the river without giving up.

Messi, Neymar and Cristiano have been featured in Malayalees football discussions in Pullavoor as the clippings obstruct the natural flow of the river and should be removed.

As the matches enter the semi-finals, shocking events unfold in the World Cup contrary to the fans’ expectations and predictions. Argentina disappointed by losing to Saudi Arabia in their first match, but when images from the semi-final were revealed, Argentina were first to take their places.

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Neymar and Richardson’s Brazil bid a moving farewell to the World Cup despite a battle to the death against Croatia in the first quarter. The return of Neymar crying like an underdog will be an image that will stick in the minds of Brazilian fans for the next four years. In the second quarter match, Argentina reached the semifinals despite losing slightly against the Netherlands.

After Neymar’s decision, the fans were eager to watch the Portugal-Morocco match. Cristiano, who was on the bench at the start of the game, came off in the 51st minute but fell flat in front of the Moroccan power. Cristiano will be remembered the most in this World Cup as he leaves his last World Cup without even seeing the semi-finals.

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Finally, when he returns from Qatar to Kerala, Messi is alone in that river in Pullavoor.

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