Next year, we can no longer talk about a camera island, but about islands

The recent renderings of the Galaxy S / Note22 Ultra depict at least not one large but two smaller camera humps.


There is a Galaxy S22 family its premiere, though, if I look at the calendar, the beginning of 2022 isn’t that far off, and the proof of Samsung’s diligent work is the mushroom-like proliferating gossip that came this week as well.

The S22 Ultra is according to OnLeaks
The S22 Ultra is OnLeaks according to [+]

It was sprinkled earlier that it is S22 Ultra brings back into the series the S Pent that can be pulled out of the housing, and even: a Note20 its angular design, and quite independently, rendered rendering images that projected a more solid, P-shaped camera island forward to the rear instead of the Bumford camera corner for the two-column lens and sensor collection.

The S22 Ultra, as Letsgodigital expects
The S22 Ultra, as in Letsgodigital waiting [+]

A Letsgodigital however, his fresh works are waiting for a more elegant form, and if I have a choice, I would personally put my vote next to the latter. Here only the larger lens, which can be seen from three angles of view, stands out better, the helpers staying to the right of them more in the plane of the back cover.

The source site has even put together a video based on its own 3D model, and the title, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Note), also predicts a spy source controversy over the name. I think it would be easy to know the featherless Samsung S22 and the feathered one as Note22, the unnecessary prefixes and suffixes can go into the pantry, the point will be on the rendering mobile phones anyway.



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