Next year, Barbados removes Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State

BRIDGETOWN, – Government Barbados announced, they would remove Queen Elizabeth II as head of state next year.

The Caribbean nation stressed it wanted “complete sovereignty” when it celebrated 55 years of independence from English in November 2021.

In his speech, Prime Minister Mia Mottey quoted first Prime Minister Errol Barrow as saying that Barbados should not “roam in the colonial region”.

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“The time has come to abandon our colonial past completely,” Governor-General Dame Sandra Mason said reading Mottey’s speech.

Mottey through Mason said, the people of Barbados certainly need a head of state who also comes from among them.

He stressed that the statement was an affirmation and a form of confidence about who they were and what they could achieve.

“Because of this, we will take full sovereignty and become a republic when we celebrate 55 years of independence,” said Mottey.

In response, Buckingham Palace declared Bridgetown’s decision to remove Queen Elizabeth II as a matter of the people and of her government.

Dilasnir Sky News Wednesday (16/9/2020), the country gained independence from Britain in 1966, even though the queen retained the monarchical constitution.

In 1998, the constitutional review commission recommended the status of a republic, and this was confirmed by PM Freundel Stuart’s statement in 2015.

“We must move quickly from a monarchy to a republican government as quickly as possible,” said Stuart at the time.

Barbados will join Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica and Guyana if they are serious about becoming a republic.

As for other countries in the region, because they still maintain relations as the British commonwealth after gaining independence.

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