Next to hide likes on followers on instagram?

Instagram users may soon be able to decide for themselves whether their number of followers is displayed or not.

So far, Instagram and Facebook Likes can be optionally hidden or displayed in the meta apps. Instagram is now testing the function of showing or hiding the number of followers as you wish. This emerges from a tweet by social media expert and app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

So far, however, only a select few users have access to the option. A possible roll-out has not yet been confirmed by Instagram.

Who uses the options to hide likes and followers?

The ability to hide likes and future followers has pros and cons for advertisers and creators. On the one hand, the like and follower pressure on users decreases, which means that content can be staged more authentically and less “perfectly”. Smaller companies or new creators could also benefit from the option. On the other hand, many likes still indirectly lead to more advertising partners in addition to more followers. The extent to which influencers with a large fan base forego this advantage remains questionable.

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