Next spring, the group Hurts / Diena will perform at Arena Riga

Although the new album is scheduled for release on September 4, since May 15, when the audience was delighted with the first single Voices, followed by two more compositions every month – Suffer a Redemption – and zero as an outgoing single Somebody. Thus, the listeners can already have a clear idea of ​​what can be expected from the return of the duo to the roots.

There is no doubt that the already rich pleiad of previous hits – Wonderful Life, Better Than Love, Stay, Sunday, Blood, Tears & Gold, Illuminated, Miracle, Somebody To Die For, Blind, Surrender, Some Kind Of Heaven, Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us, Wings, Rolling Stone, Wish, Beautiful Ones, Ready To Go – new ones will join.

Interview for the edition NME, group soloist Teo Hackrafts says: “We wanted to get back to the essence, to what we do and who we are. We had to fall in love with the style of music we originally planned to create. We have always been seduced by the darkest elements of pop music. This is an unusual time to release an album. “But it’s also good, because the songs have a message that gives hope. It’s about the ability to change and deal with these things. Hopefully people will find it.”

And indeed, at a time when the release of new songs has become less common, the album confirms both the creativity of the boys and the belief in the positive and the desire to cheer up.

duet Hurts Founded in Manchester in 2009 by vocalist Theo Hatchcrafts and multi-instrumentalist Adam Anderson. The band’s calling card has been an elegant, slightly alienated style of dress, great melodies typical of the 80’s more than today, often a gloomy but intriguing textual mood, accentuated by vocals imbued with aches and despair. Elegant videos should also be highlighted, which are often characterized by surprising twists and turns.

Hurts gained prominence with its 2010 debut album Happiness. Six singles from one disc were at the top of various European charts. The album gained Gold status in Great Britain and Austria, but Platinum – in Germany, reaching at least the top ten in the hit parades of 12 European countries, including Latvia in the 2nd place.

With upcoming albums Exile (2013), Surrender (2015) a Desire (2017), the association continued to strengthen its position in the pop music Olympia.

Ticket sales will start on August 7 at 11 throughout Ticket service network and

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