Next Season, Lampang’s Team will be Strengthened by Coach Ton accepting Thai League’s request for a top team.


“Coach Ton” Sukrit Yothi, manager of “Emerald Chariot” Lampang FC reveals the atmosphere within the team. Including the readiness of the team that has to return to the field in the Thai League 2022/23 battle, open house to deal with BG Pathum United on Monday, April 3, 2023, and revealed that there is a Thai league giant team contacting to buy players in team

“The atmosphere within our team is normal. no problem we are still fighting The players still believe they can do it.”

“Right now our squad is in a very healthy state with no banned players and no injured players. we are ready to fight But do not know where this set of players will move next season Because there is a big team in the Thai League that has contacted me to buy and keep in touch Because most of our players in this set Not a lot of age, 24-26 years old, can be used for a long time There are teams that want to accept our players in order to support the team, including to compete and be a team from the Thai League 1. Every team that comes in contact

For “Emerald Chariot” Lampang FC is currently ranked last in the Thai League 2022/23 table with 16 points from 24 field games, winning 3, drawing 7, losing 14 for the next program. Preparing to open the Lampang Stadium (Nong Krating) to welcome a visit to BG Pathum United (rank 9) on Monday, April 3, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.

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