Next PlayStation 5 announcements coming this month

Looks like we don’t have to wait very long for the next big announcement of the PlayStation 5.

Sony may have another announcement in store for us this month. During the unveiling of the quarterly figures has Bloomberg got some interesting information from an insider.

The website cites an anonymous source from PlayStation claiming that Sony is planning an announcement regarding the PlayStation 5 this month. However, the source did not want to let us know that we can expect, but that it is ‘provisionally planned’, but that the plans can still change.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the PlayStation 5, including the price and release date of the console. At this time of the year we already knew what to put in front of the new consoles and when they appeared in previous console releases.

Despite Sony not promising hardware news, we got in June then still see the console itself and also the Digital Edition.

Yesterday Sony announced a State of Play for Thursday, where no ‘major PlayStation 5 announcements’ are made. Fans were not happy about this, but may not have to wait very long for answers.

Microsoft also comes with more news about their new console this month. Perhaps Sony has a wait-and-see attitude and will only announce a price and release date after Microsoft? We at least keep an eye on it for you.

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