Newspaper disputing information about corona distributed widely in Amsterdam

Many residents of the Rivierenbuurt received a magazine in their letterbox this week containing articles that question the official information about the corona virus. Government policy and the applicable corona measures are also strongly criticized. It’s about the newspaper Common sense, of which former NRC correspondent Karel van Wolferen is the chief editor.

The magazine was delivered yesterday to residents of Hunzestraat and Bernissestraat. In cars parked in Alblasstraat, the newspaper was put under the windshield wipers. Residents of Churchill avenue also got Common sense unsolicited on the bus. The same applies to residents of the area around the Amstelveld in the center. They already received the newspaper last Tuesday. A worried resident has also been reported from Rustenburgerstraat in De Pijp.

‘Mouth masks are harmful’

The magazine states, among other things, that mouth masks are harmful to lungs, heart and brain and that they can accelerate tumor growth. It also says that keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is pointless and that the corona test used by the GGD is unsuitable for detecting the virus. One article refers to the worldwide spread of the virus as an ‘artificial pandemic’. The magazine continues to argue against the corona urgency law that will be introduced and against ‘superfluous corona rules’.

A resident of the Rivierenbuurt who has received the magazine in the mail calls the stories in the newspaper ‘shocking’. ‘This is incredibly harmful. It’s awful and I don’t want to receive this magazine at all. It is written that there is no threat of a second corona wave, but we are in the thick of it. The point is that there are people who believe what is written in this newspaper. ‘


The Healthy Verstand website states that the magazine will be published every two weeks with a circulation of 100,000 copies. It is unclear whether the newspaper is also distributed in other parts of the city.

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