Newspaper Contract Concession Tender: Bpost, PPP, and Proximy Compete for the Winning Bid

There has been a lot of discussion about the current newspaper contract in recent weeks, but in the meantime the tender for the new concession has been organized by the FPS Economy. In order to guarantee confidentiality, the government department cannot provide information about the applications. The competent minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS) also does not want to comment.

A Bpost spokesperson confirms that the company is a candidate. This is not surprising: the contract has been in the hands of bpost since 2015, and it is important for employment at the company.

However, bpost and PPP are now facing competition from the French company Proximy. That company does not yet have any activities in Belgium, but is now competing for the contract.

2023-06-08 18:33:00
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