News studio – Elden: – An attack on freedom of expression

A woman has been arrested and charged after driving into the car of the leader of SIAN on E6 in Oslo on Saturday afternoon. There were five people in the SIAN car.

John Christian Elden, who is an assistance lawyer for the people in the SIAN car, says the following to Dagbladet:

– My clients are fine. They have come from the attack safely and well, but are surprised that such an attack on freedom of expression can take place in Norway, at the same time as they are happy that PST and the police always protect them, he says.

Four people in the car were taken to the emergency room and one person to hospital. No one was seriously injured.

The owner of the car that drove the SIAN car, which was a passenger during the incident, claimed on Saturday night to Dagbladet that the incident was self-defense.

The car owner further claimed that it was SIAN who had driven on them first, before the driver had driven on them back. She also claims that she has witnesses who can confirm this.

SIAN member Marius Rasmussen, who is said to have been sitting in the passenger seat of the car that spun around, said the following to Dagbladet on Saturday night:

– This is at least not a traffic accident, Rasmussen claims.

The incident happened shortly after SIAN burned a Koran.

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