News, Police | Woman hit by Bybanen – declared dead on the spot

The police have mapped the course of events.

On Monday at 1241, the emergency services were notified that a woman had been hit by Bybanen.

The accident happened between the stop at Skjold and the stop at Lagunen.

At 1304, the woman was pronounced dead by a doctor on the spot.

– We received a triple warning that a woman had been hit by Bybanen. We moved out, and could quickly ascertain that she was dead on the spot, says task leader Skjalg Lied in the police.

– Clear course of events

The police have questioned witnesses and started technical investigations at the accident site.

– We have a clearly probable course of events, Lied states.

The AIBN has been notified of the accident.

Passengers: – Tragic

Karl Johan Torvik was a passenger on Bybanen when the collision occurred.

– Suddenly we braked abruptly, and I heard a thump. Then it was quiet, he says emphatically.

Eventually, passengers were asked to leave Bybanen and pull away to make room for the emergency services.

At one point, the passengers who were present were informed that the accident had ended in death.

– Medical personnel said that it had ended in the worst technical way. It was very dramatic to hear. It’s just tragic, he says.

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