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Hilling is one of the important agrotechnical procedures that helps retain moisture in plants, prevents plantings from leaning, and also saves from freezing.

Carrots, tomatoes, potatoes or cabbage will be grateful for such care and will please you with an excellent harvest in this case.

But for some plants, this procedure will be harmful.

This should be taken into account when working in the garden or garden.

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For example, do not spud onions, otherwise there is a risk of fruit rotting.

Cucumbers will not like hilling either. Their fragile roots are close to the ground surface, which means that there is a high risk of damaging the root system. The best option for this crop is to mulch it.

A similar situation with currants.

Parsley, lettuce and dill will also begin to weaken or even rot if hilled. The procedure should be abandoned if you want to grow lush and fragrant greens.

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