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It happens that strong and healthy seedlings break, but do not rush to throw out the plants.

Some gardeners grow seedlings with a margin: sometimes the plants are elongated, frail, thin and quickly turn yellow.

A simple trick will help a broken sprout to release roots and quickly take root. And here’s what to do.

What to do with a broken tomato

If your tomato is broken, then try transplanting a small part of the stem with the root into a separate pot, part of the stem with leaves into water.

Photo: © Belnovosti

The part of the plant that is in the water will quickly release roots, and the root will sprout from a dormant bud. Both plants will later give a good harvest, although they may be slightly behind other seedlings.

If the tomato is broken, add a little potassium humate to the water to activate growth. Roots will appear literally in 6-7 days.

Do not rush to immediately plant the plant in the garden, let it soak on the windowsill until the first new leaf appears.

Alternatively, with a broken tomato, you can do the following: dip in root, and then put in water to wait for the roots.

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