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-“It is obviously wrong to proceed with the case as it is now”

FC Seoul Ki Sung-yong is holding a press conference after finishing the opening game of the K-League 1 against Jeonbuk Hyundai held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 27th of last month. Ki Sung-yong said, “To be clear, (sexual assault) is irrelevant to me,” and “I have never done such an act. I can never admit the testimony from the victim side.”

Attorney Park Ji-hoon, the legal representative of those who claimed to have been raped in elementary school by soccer player Ki Sung-yong (32, FC Seoul), suggested’Let’s cover the truth in court.’ An incumbent attorney, who has experienced a similar incident, criticized on Facebook that “there will be a real purpose.”

In a press release on the 1st, attorney Park Ji-hoon said, “At the time of the incident, (the parties) were not only minors, but the statute of prosecution was already completed, so it is impossible to file a criminal complaint under the law.” It is virtually impossible to file a claim lawsuit (a claim for monetary compensation).”

“The victims are hoping that Ki Sung-yong will file a civil and criminal lawsuit against them (victims) as soon as possible in order to resolve it as soon as possible.” “You can, and you will have to reveal it in court.”

Regarding the evidence that was originally intended to be disclosed, “we will provide evidence to Ki Sung-yong by the court (and investigative agency),” he said. “In the evidence we have secured, many other people besides Ki Sung-yong and victims appear. To protect their moral rights. Even from the side, please understand that it is difficult to disclose evidence to the public.”

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In this regard, an incumbent attorney criticized, “Regardless of the authenticity of the case, there is usually a different reason (?) when suddenly revealing things that have passed 20 years now.”

Attorney Lee said, “Before such disclosure, there are many cases of luxurious packaging (such as contacting you before the problem grows) and blackmailing, but I don’t know what it was like in the case of Ki Sung-yong,” he said. “What kind of celebrity A woman in the past He said, “I have been asked to do a job asking for money from A woman after showing it to me with a video of her sex.”

The attorney said, “I had a strong reprimand to the man, saying,’You are then arrested for blackmail.’ But after that, I heard the news that I was actually arrested after appointing another attorney to threaten Woman A.” Even if you present evidence, it is obviously wrong to proceed with the case in the form of exposing the media about what happened when you were in elementary school.”

Earlier, Ki Sung-yong said on the social network service (SNS) on the 25th of last month, “I don’t think I need a long word. The content of the reported article has nothing to do with me. It never happened. I risk my football life.”

“We decided to respond strongly by mobilizing everything necessary for the suffering family. In fact, everyone who made malicious comments on unconfirmed matters will also take legal action.” I realized that it was a serious issue that threatened life and even the lives of my family. I will respond positively without neglecting it.”

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