News Library: Wenku – Unavailable for Legal Reasons, Hong Kong’s Press Freedom Crisis Explored

News Library: Wenku – Unavailable for Legal Reasons, Hong Kong’s Press Freedom Crisis Explored

Backup Apple, position article “News Library” website cannot be viewed, saying it is due to “legal reasons”

[Yahoo News Report]After the National Security Law took effect, “Apple Daily” and “Stand News” successively suspended operations in 2021. Some netizens spontaneously set up the “News Library” website, which backed up reports and articles from two media outlets. However, “Wenku” has been unable to be browsed recently, and the message “Cannot be viewed due to legal reasons” is displayed.

“Yahoo News” is inquiring from the Security Bureau and the police whether the “Wenku” website has been blocked by the police or government departments. A response is currently pending.

Currently, if you enter the “Wenku” website, the error message “451: UNAVAILABLE_FOR_LEGAL_REASONS” will appear. Even if you use a VPN, you cannot browse the website through the United States, Japan and other places.

In June 2021, “Apple Daily” ceased operation. Some netizens initiated a collective backup of “Apple” reports and established a website “Guoling News Library” to integrate more than 2 million “Apple” articles. In the same year, “Standpoint News” ceased operations, and the “Guoling News Library” was later renamed “Wenku” and added more than 90,000 “Standard” articles.

According to the website introduction, “News Library” was established by “a group of Hong Kong people who want to preserve Hong Kong’s history” and hope to establish a database to preserve Hong Kong news. “Today, when we are facing the gradual narrowing of press freedom and freedom of speech, we can avoid part of Hong Kong’s important history.” , was erased with the disappearance of Apple Daily.”

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The message “451: UNAVAILABLE_FOR_LEGAL_REASONS” appears on the “Wenku” website.

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