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News in light language on November 30.

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The government will decide on stricter Covid-19 regulations until 11. January

To limit Covid-19, the government will decide on even stricter rules.

The Prime Minister proposes to extend the emergency until January 11.

There are also a number of new restrictions.

They will be tighter than in the spring.

They will be decided on Tuesday, December 1.

There could be stricter restrictions on shops and public transport.

Winter holidays could be extended for younger students.

That means they’re going to rest as early as next week.

For primary school students, the school year would then be extended by two weeks.

The educators’ union does not support such an idea.

It believes schools and parents have already scheduled time for the next two weeks, but the government’s plans could change again.

The parties also agreed on Monday to increase support for companies affected by the crisis.

Applications for support will be accepted by the State Revenue Service on Tuesday.

Experts also say that it is important how united the government will be and how the restrictions will be explained to the public.

Stricter rules in schools

From Monday, November 30, new rules will apply to schools.

They require more space per pupil.

This means that in many large classes, students have to be divided into groups.

From Monday, November 30, teachers must also wear face masks in their lessons.

In Latvia – 100 new cases of Covid-19; In Lithuania – 1136, in Estonia – 256

100 new cases of Covid-19 were discovered last day, and nine patients died.

The number of new cases increased by half last week.

There are more and more people who don’t know how they got sick.

In the neighboring country of Lithuania on Monday, November 30, another 1136 new cases of Covid-19 were registered, but 13 people died.

In Estonia, Covid-19 was detected in another 256 people and three deaths were recorded.

Money for cancer treatment will increase if more money is charged to the budget

If more money is collected from the excise duty on tobacco products than planned, it will be spent on the treatment of oncological diseases.

It was decided by deputies on Monday, November 30.

The money could be used for cervical and lung cancer screenings and more.

Levit’s salary will not increase

For the second week, the Saeima deputies continue to see next year’s state budget and their draft laws.

On Monday, November 30, deputies agreed to raise taxes on company cars.

They will depend on the car’s engine capacity.

Deputies also agreed not to increase the salary of President Egils Levits.

Such a call was previously made by Levit himself.

It was originally planned to increase his salary by 300 euros.

Photo: LETA, Paula Čurkste

A well-known nuclear scientist is being released in Iran

A funeral of a prominent nuclear scientist took place in Iran.

He was murdered a few days ago.

Several high-ranking Iranian officials attended the funeral.

They promise to continue the work started by the scientist.

Iranian media are increasingly writing about the attack with Israeli and possibly US involvement.

Russia accuses Germany of fabricating Navalny poisoning

Russia accuses Germany of stealing the story of the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Russia says it is a false story.

In September, Germany said there was incontrovertible evidence that Navalny had been poisoned by a special nerve paralyzing substance.

It was also confirmed by French and Swedish laboratories.

Russia denies this.

NATO is angry with member states over wage increases

Some NATO members are angry that they want to raise salaries in this organization.

They do not want to allocate additional funds for this purpose.

This is because there is a crisis in European countries over Covid-19.

The salary increase is planned by a little more than 2%.

In addition, the lowest salary of the employees of this organization is about 4000 euros.

Diplomats call such actions irresponsible.

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