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[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time on August 10, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome to pay attention to “News to watch“, I’m Li Muyang. Today is Tuesday, August 9th, Eastern Time, and Wednesday, August 10th, Asia Pacific Time.

Today’s Focus: Is the Beijing-Taiwan high-speed rail under construction?Hua ChunyingBetrayal? The goodwill of Xiaowen: transforming Xiaopink; the dignitaries revealed the inside story before the war between the United States and China almost; the two ships are only 182 meters apart, and the national army is ready to collide.

PelosiOn the day we arrived in Taiwan, the situation was far more tense than we thought. The CCP was ready to go to war, and the United States was also ready. After Pelosi left, the CCP threw fire on Taiwan. The CCP warship approached only more than 100 meters away from the Taiwanese warship. The national army was ready to ram the Chinese warship.

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Is the Beijing-Taiwan high-speed rail under construction?Hua ChunyingBetrayal?

Yesterday (8th), the official Weibo account of the overseas version of the People’s Daily, “Xia Ke Dao”, said that a search for “Beijing-Taiwan High-speed Railway” through Baidu map software on the mobile phone has shown the route map of the Beijing-Taiwan high-speed railway under construction.

According to the report, the map shows that the starting point of the Beijing-Taiwan high-speed railway under construction is Beijing South Railway Station, and continues south through Langfang, Tianjin and Cangzhou. In Taiwan, there are two stations, one is Hsinchu Station and the other is Taipei Station.

If you search for the “Beijing-Taipei” route, you can see that the Beijing-Taiwan high-speed rail is included in the route plan. Baidu Maps will display, “The future route between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait – Taihai Bridge (planned)”, but currently “the route is for viewing only”.

The mainland’s “The Paper” also reported today (9th) that after the news of the “Beijing-Taiwan high-speed rail” plan came out, mainland netizens connected and shared the song “Go to Taiwan in 2035” and broadcast it on Weibo and Douyin. .

Some people also said, “If the high-speed rail is built to Taiwan in the future, it will become the longest tunnel in China!” Others said, “Going to Taiwan by high-speed rail is no longer a dream”, and some said, “Think about going to Taiwan to eat at that time.” what good”.

But some people went back directly and said, “It’s really boring, it’s really dirty. These days, it’s relying on Baidu Maps to ‘Wutong’. In a word, there is everything in a dream!”

After seeing the news, Taiwanese netizens mocked and said, “You can draw your own map as you want.” Others said that Baidu Map’s behavior, whether it was the official request of the CCP or the company’s self-assertion, was quite ridiculous.

If you want to unify Taiwan, the CCP really wants to go crazy. There is nothing to be missed, and its propaganda is so vigorous. Who are you promoting it to? Isn’t it for the people of the country? With this propaganda, continue to harvest the people’s patriotic leeks.

There’s one more thing that makes me laugh.Speaker of the U.S. House of RepresentativesPelosiAfter visiting Taiwan, Baidu Maps also turned on the search function, allowing mainland netizens to search for locations in Taiwan without going over the wall. As a result, many people found that many streets in Taiwan are named after cities in mainland China. For example, Taipei City has Guangzhou Street, Changsha Street, Guiyang Street, Ningbo East Street, Chongqing South Road and so on.

It was nothing to quarrel in the country, but Hua Chunying, a female wolf warrior from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China, had to join in the fun, and she was afraid that people would not know about it, so she posted a post on Twitter. While sharing screenshots, Aunt Hua said that there are 38 Shandong dumpling restaurants and 67 Shanxi knife-cut noodles in Taipei. She also wrote in English, “The sense of taste does not lie, Taiwan has always been part of China, and the long-lost children will finally come home.”

Hua Chunying’s post on Twitter was first questioned by many mainland netizens. Some netizens asked, “Twitter is not allowed in China, why are you allowed?” “I just want to know how she tweeted?” “The government can overturn the wall, but the people cannot?” Reportedly over the wall” and so on.

Let’s not say that Aunt Hua was angered by netizens here, but that Aunt Hua may be really old and her thinking has fallen to the level of the twelfth zodiac. Because there are 38 Shandong dumpling restaurants and 67 Shanxi knife-cut noodle restaurants, it is said that “the sense of taste will not deceive people”, and that Taiwan is “a child who has been separated for many years”? How close is this thinking to the twelfth zodiac sign?

Many netizens laughed and scolded Aunt Hua at the same time. Some netizens said, “Die laughing, what kind of logic is this, the fucking Wuhan pneumonia has a lot of people all over the world, do you want to say that the whole world is part of China?” “According to your logic, there are Chinese restaurants all over the world, then the earth Should it be managed by our party? To be a diplomatic spokesperson at your level? Doesn’t this compare the whole world to being an enemy of the party?”

Some netizens also said, “I seriously doubt whether this lady is a high-level gangster.” “Hua Chunying’s words are for ignorant people. Using such specious words can blind many people’s eyes. Of course, I admit that such words are too much. Rogue, to say the least, the logic is chaotic.”

Another netizen said, “Hua Chunying thought she was shaking a burden, but she was ignorant. Were Shandong and Shanxi discovered by the People’s Republic of China? They existed long before the CCP ruled the mainland. Shandong dumplings and Shanxi noodle restaurants are A part of Chinese cuisine, from the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Republic of China, has always been like this, and Chinese all over the world can enjoy it. Do we even support the CCP and want to become Chinese citizens by eating Shandong dumplings and Shanxi noodles? Damn you!”

Another netizen directly scolded, “When your father was 39 years old, your mother brought a wild breed. Decades later, this wild breed asked your father to call him father. Does your family have this logic? 111 years old in the Republic of China, 72 years old in the wall country, who is the father?”

Another netizen said, “Nanjing has more than 60 Japanese food stores, so Nanjing is a part of the Japanese Empire, why does it interfere in the internal affairs of the Japanese Empire?” chant.”

Former U.S. State Department spokesman Ortagus also joined in the fun, and also commented on the thread below. Ortagus wrote, “China has 8,500 KFC restaurants. The palate doesn’t cheat. China has always been a part of Kentucky. Long-lost kids are coming home.”

Aunt Hua’s twelfth zodiac logic is actually a traitorous logic. Because according to her reasoning, China has vegetables from different countries, does that mean that China is part of these countries? Isn’t this selling China?

Shangguan Luan, a feminist writer in Chengdu, China, told Free Asia, “Forget the ignorance of the little pink, Hua Chunying, as the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represents the core external image of China (CCP) and the core of mainstream public opinion in China (CCP). It’s also shocking to follow Xiao Pink’s ignorant and uncommon opinion, and I find it very shocking. She even went along with such a statement without common sense.”

These ridiculous phenomena occurred after the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. It can be seen how much impact Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has on the Chinese Communist Party. In addition to military exercises around Taiwan, she also uses this Ah Q-style spiritual victory method to make herself happy.

Xiaowen’s Kindness: Transforming Little Pink

Speaking of which, I would like to share with you a letter written by a Taiwanese friend. Muyang has a friend in Taiwan. For convenience, I call her “Xiaowen”. Xiaowen personally experienced what happened before and after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and had some emotions, so he formed a text.

I will talk about Xiaowen’s letter first, and then I will talk about the impact of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on the CCP. Some foreign dignitaries revealed that the CCP almost went to war with the United States, but did not fight at the last minute. Let’s talk about Xiaowen’s letter first.

This letter from Xiaowen is mainly aimed at those “little pinks” in mainland China. Although Xiaowen called “Little Pink” in the letter, the letter actually showed the sincerity and kindness of Taiwanese. So I hope that there are really “little pinks” watching my show, they can listen to it carefully, and then think about it seriously. I also hope that my friends will help spread the word, so that more mainland friends can see my program in this issue.

At the beginning of the letter, Xiao Wen first quoted the questions of netizens, “Didn’t China (the CCP) say it won’t sit back and watch? Didn’t it say we should wait and see?” These two statements are both released by the CCP against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan harsh words. But how does the CCP do it?

“The missile passed over Taiwan and landed on the eastern sea. Because it flew outside the atmosphere and was not threatening to the ground, even Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense felt that there was no need to issue an air-raid alert. Why work hard for the people and waste money, but get nothing, wasted those who shot out. Cannonballs also pity the fish in the sea. (The CCP does this), it makes people feel that they can’t fight, it’s just to appease the emotional Chinese at home and abroad, as well as the fierce little pink.”

Xiaowen said that the CCP “in order to appease the hearts of the people and to appease the little pinks, it has used so much public money. The domestic epidemic is over-controlled, and there are still people dying of starvation, which shows how much attention is paid to the little pinks.”

The following is what Xiaowen said. In order for everyone to hear clearly, I will read it out for everyone.
Little pink people, the country values ​​you, how do you give back to the country? Think calmly, now is not the right time to fight the war, but the time to stabilize the national economy in the fight against the epidemic.

Didn’t Li Keqiang say that the country only has an emergency reserve fund left? Is it suitable to spend so much military spending to fight a war? In a war, there must be casualties. What if it is yourself or your loved ones who are injured or killed in the battle? If you don’t take this into consideration, it’s easy to turn the leaders of the countries that you respect in your mouth into the “down” people of the country. Then are the pink people “loving” the country? Still not patriotic?

Then I can say that whoever speaks so irrationally is not Chinese. At least in terms of state fiscal expenditure, China is not considered. I was not born in China, and I didn’t grow up in the mainland. I can see that, but the little pinks themselves can’t tell whether they are “loving” the country or “harming” the country? If people in the whole country have this kind of personality, how should the leadership of this country carry out reforms? It’s the same for everyone. Did the pinks think about this and understand them?

I don’t doubt Little Pink’s patriotism, but it would be better if the method could be adjusted. There was an old saying: “Three out of ten people in the world perish by traitorous officials, and seven out of ten perish by loyal ministers.” Why is this so? Because loyal ministers feel that they are loyal, but they do not listen to the opinions of others. Due to his own limitations, he could not see the full scope of the situation, and the decision he made was one-sided and unconsidered, but instead accelerated the demise of the country.

This sentence is sent to the little pinks who are loyal and patriotic. I hope you can open your eyes and think about the future of China, lest loyal and patriotic become the “final” king and “harm” the country. .

Pink people don’t know if they have thought this way, peace is to be sent from the heart, and there is a peaceful heart in the heart. Passionate words, incitement and bewitchment, will never bring true peace.

In fact, I can’t completely blame Little Pink. The party culture instilled by the Communist Party since childhood has made people like this. However, the CCP is not equal to China, but the descendants of Yan and Huang have lost the culture of the state of etiquette. Is it really good for China to keep fighting like this? It will only make the scene of riding a tiger difficult to get off again and again and again and again.

If we have the ability, why not jump out of this vicious circle as soon as possible? How to be really good for China is indeed a question that the little pinks must really think about.

If the “superior” wants us to kill and set fire for no reason, we must use various methods to call back the mind of the Lord who was blinded by evil spirits, so as to be worthy of the emperor and the queen; if the “superior” considers the economy and people’s livelihood and does not want to make a big deal, then don’t say it. Take the initiative to fight for you, in order to be worthy of the people and the existence of the country.
Finished reading the letter. After writing this letter, Xiaowen also sent me a separate message, saying that she has one more wish. I hope that people with lofty ideals who care about China can brainstorm and help make a series of special topics. She had already thought about the name, so it was called “Little Pink Reconstruction Plan Schedule”. The purpose is to help the “little pinks” broaden their horizons and be able to think about problems in an all-round way.

I don’t know how everyone feels after listening to the content of this letter. Do you also think that Xiaowen is very kind? She didn’t think about the problem from her own point of view, didn’t think about how it would affect herself, but was thinking about the little pinks.

To be honest, Xiaowen’s way of thinking is actually rare in mainland China. Under the rule of the CCP, most people think about how to benefit themselves. For those who disagree, disagree, or even have conflicts of interest, they are often angry at each other, and even abuse and fistfight. Having lived in the mainland for decades, I have a deep understanding of the way of thinking and behavior of mainland Chinese people.

But Xiaowen is not just Xiaowen. The Taiwanese I have met are very kind. The most obvious difference between Taiwanese and mainland Chinese is to understand others with kindness, consider others, and give people basic respect.

If there are “patriotic netizens” in the mainland who hear Xiaowen’s letter, I hope it can arouse your thoughts. In addition, I also hope that everyone can help forward today’s program, so that more mainlanders can feel the kindness of Taiwanese, and help them broaden their horizons, so that they can think about problems in all directions, and live up to Xiaowen’s kindness.

Next, we go on to talk about the impact of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on the CCP and the resulting tension.

U.S.-China dignitaries reveal inside information before nearly war

Speaking of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the CCP may be really pissed off. In the past two days, there have been many insider reports that the CCP once wanted to go to war with the United States. Both sides were ready to go to war, but in the end it was peaceful.

Singaporean financial media “Singapore Edge” reported that former Singaporean foreign minister Yang Rongwen said at an investment forum that when Pelosi and others arrived in Taiwan on an executive plane on the evening of the 2nd, both the United States and China were ready for war.

Yang Rongwen said, “There is no doubt that when Pelosi flew to Taiwan, the US Indo-Pacific Command was fully prepared to fight. China (China) was also, but neither side wanted to go to war, so they controlled (the situation). “

That is to say, when Pelosi flew to Taiwan, the US and China were drawn out of their scabbards, and the situation was quite critical. Yang Rongwen believes, “For the United States, it is best to fight tonight. If we fight in a year, China will be stronger than now, and if we fight in 10 years, China will be stronger.”

Yang Rongwen said the anger that Pelosi sparked before her visit to Taiwan was actually a “orchestrated tension” between the United States and China. Pelos deliberately did not confirm whether she would visit Taiwan before heading west, and did not confirm her visit until the last minute. Because the United States is well aware of the magnitude of the impact on the CCP, it is very careful to handle it so as not to fall into place.

Yang Rongwen said, “You may be surprised to hear me say that, the United States handled it very carefully. It was a provocative move, but it was handled very carefully, so no one can accuse the United States of ‘offside’.” He pointed to the United States’ approach Very cautious. Biden said it was not a good idea, and the US Department of Defense also considered it a bad idea. “But Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and her rank has autonomy. When she goes abroad, the United States can only support her.”

As for Pelosi’s departure from Taiwan, the Chinese military conducted large-scale military exercises around Taiwan. Yang Rongwen pointed out that both the United States and China are gathering intelligence in this military exercise to understand how the other side will respond to the crisis.

He believes that Beijing must have carefully studied the reaction of the United States and the West in the Ukraine war, and observed how Russian assets were confiscated and how sanctions were implemented. Because the CCP knows that “if there is a war, it will face the same or even stronger confrontation and sanctions.”

Yang Rongwen also said. Pelosi’s trip opened a new chapter in a long race between the U.S. and China. But if the escalation of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “is not in the interests of China (the CCP)”. He estimated that U.S.-China relations will oscillate between “cold war” and “cold peace”, and that war will not necessarily break out, “but there will be moments of anxiety.”

This is the first time a dignitary has revealed the inside story since the Pelosi incident. We can’t confirm Yang Rongwen’s claims, but looking at the large-scale military exercises that the CCP launched, the CCP acted very fiercely, as if it was about to find fault and start a war. But when it really comes to the node, the CCP does not want conflict.

The two ships are only 182 meters away from the national army and are ready to collide

Joseph Wen, a Taiwanese military fan who once made his own “People’s Liberation Army Map”, posted on Twitter yesterday (8th) the record of a “Success Ship” officer and soldier confronting a Chinese warship in recent days. It shows that the distance between the warships of the two sides is very close, and a slight accident may cause a collision.

A few days ago, a Taiwanese freighter took photos of the confrontation between the National Army’s “Success-class” frigate and the Chinese warship off the southwest coast of Kaohsiung Port. Judging from the appearance, the Chinese warship may be the 052C Hull No. 150 “Changchun Ship”.

At the time, the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China said it would not comment on individual cases. However, in response to the many batches of CCP warships and military aircraft operating around the Taiwan Strait, the National Army used various surveillance and investigation mechanisms to closely monitor the whole process. The national army adheres to the principle of “preparing for war without seeking war”, and firmly defends sovereignty and national security with an attitude of “not escalating conflicts and causing disputes”.

Yesterday, Joseph Wen posted a contribution from a “Success Ship” officer and soldier on Twitter. In the submission, he said bluntly, “I’m glad that someone helped us record when we were struggling at sea, and we also successfully completed the task and returned to Taiwan.”

The submission also shared the records of these days. First of all, the CCP army received instructions from its superiors on the 5th and continued to approach the center line of the strait. The submission said that at this time, the mission of the “Successful Ship” is to “block the center line and prevent the co-ship from entering. In the face of the continuous approaching co-ship, we are ready to collide. The closest distance between the two ships is only 200 yards. Our persistence Let it finally go west and complete the task of these five days.”

How far is 200 yards? “Yard” is the unit of length in the British and American systems. If it is replaced by the metric unit of length “meter”, which is more familiar to mainlanders, 200 yards is equal to 182.88 meters. This distance is close at hand for a huge warship, and the situation is quite dangerous.

Lv Lishi, who used to be the captain of the Xinjiang ship, pointed out that the tonnage of the “Success Ship” of the National Army is 3,900 tons and a total length of 138 meters; the tonnage of the “Changchun Ship” is 7,000 tons and a total length of 155 meters.

From the comparison of the data of the two ships, it can be seen that if there is a collision, the “Success” will not necessarily lose if it hits a small one, but it is difficult to take advantage of it, which is quite dangerous. Despite this, the national army is still confronting the Chinese warships, not giving an inch. From this, it can be felt that in order to defend national security and defend the territory, the soldiers of the national army may have been prepared to swear to defend the country.

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