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Under the photo of a cat (the famous “Tom”) is thus written: “Good I take things in paws, because we often say in the press everything and anything! My mistress was actually really not well … She does not listen to me, what do you want …! But I’m watching, be sure. As for Laura, she helps me non-stop, in short, Nathalie is getting better and better, she is recovering really well, she had a good bronchopulmonary infection. In a few days, she will start to roam everywhere … No more rest for Laura and me, but what do you want, we will not change! So, be reassured…! Besides, Laura and I are watching! ! And Nathalie sends you her friendships… ”

Nathalie Baye, 71, was transferred on February 1 to a Paris hospital by the Samu while undergoing an MRI check-up in a clinic in the south of the capital. The establishment called 15 “in a panic”, after signs of “cardiopulmonary arrest”, a source told us. Once the Samu arrived on the spot, the state of Nathalie Baye was reassuring.

Contacted by Le Parisien, the actress’s agent, Élisabeth Tanner, spoke of “bronchopulmonary complications after the flu”. She denied any heart attack.

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