News: Coronavirus Peru | They catch a collector lending face shields to

TERRIBLE. A who was traveling in his unit while delivering , whose use is personal, between bus users. Their goal was to avoid being fined for having people without these accessories to avoid coronavirus infections.

“You have to put on the face shield because there is an operation”, the woman is heard saying, while carrying two protectors used to deliver the passengers. One of them agreed to wear it despite a high risk of infection.

According to Good Morning Peru, it is a Vipusa company bus with plate AXG-747, which covers the Ancón – Villa El Salvador route. The young man who recorded the evidence contacted the aforementioned newscast and said he was outraged to see how the carriers communicated about the operations to ‘take measures’ and avoid being fined.

They capture a collector lending face shields to passengers to avoid fines | Good morning Peru

However, this would not be the only company that ‘lends’ face shields to evade sanctions. ‘Los Chinos’, some ‘Anconeros’, among others from the North Pan-American – Bypass – South Pan-American routeThey have these accessories stored to distribute among users in the case of operation.

Víctor Cabrera, Sisol’s integral doctor, told Good Morning Peru that borrowing face shields is very dangerous since all bacteria and viruses remain attached to the inside of the plastic, so that another person who uses it could contract the coronavirus easily.



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