news, contagion data and updates today 27 June 2020

There are 18 new cases of coronavirus in Lazio, of these 5 are in Rome. Numbers that have gone up since they were yesterday 13 i casthe facts recorded.

To the five cases recorded in the Eternal City, however, must be added the eight positives intercepted in the municipality of Fiumicino following the story erupted between Thursday and Friday.

827 are the current positive cases in Lazio Lazio. Of these 629 are in home isolation, 185 are hospitalized not in intensive care and 13 are hospitalized in intensive care.

The cases between Rome and the province

Specifically, the Region says, as regards the contagions in the airport municipality, the ASL Roma 3 is continuing the epidemiological investigation and the closure of a second restaurant business in Fiumicino.

Returning to the issues concerning Rome city, however, in the ASL Roma 2 a positive case derives from a buffer in the pre-hospitalization phase at the CTO.

In the beginning, in ASL Roma 6, a positive case was intercepted at Acilia’s drive-in. In the ASL of Frosinone, however, two positive cases come from the emergency room accesses one in Fiuggi and one in Frosinone. A death has also been reported in the past 24 hours.

Coronavirus in Rome, Spallanzani’s bulletin

At Spallanzani in Rome, 106 patients are hospitalized at the moment. Of these 47 are positive for the Sars-Cov-2 research buffer, 59 underwent investigations. Four patients need intensive care. Patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures are 490 “. This is what emerges from the medical bulletin of the Institute.

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In Lazio, the index of contagion rises

Closed second restaurant in Fiumicino

On Saturday, the ASL Roma 3 has arranged the closure of a second restaurant in Fiumicino due to the positivity of the owner of both premises.

Of the 400 swabs performed yesterday at the drive-in in Casal Bernocchi, 8 were positive: 2 owners of the venue, 2 employees and 4 cohabitants of the Bangladesh patient hospitalized yesterday at Spallanzani. The epidemiological investigation and the execution of the drive-in swabs in Casal Bernocchi continues.

“It is recommended that all restaurant owners keep contacts with customers to facilitate contact tracing operations should they become necessary and avoid heavy penalties. ASL Roma 3 is in constant contact with the mayor of Fiumicino,” explains the Unit of regional crisis.

Director Spallanzani: “Vaccine, experimentation in July”

“We are in the clinical phase I. We have already prepared the premises, we are recruiting healthy citizens and by mid-July the” Covid “vaccine will start testing at the Institute for infectious diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani.

To make the point, speaking to ‘Buongiorno Regione’ on ‘Rai Tre’, is the health director of the Imi Spallanzani of Rome, Francesco Vaia. “The virus – added Vaia – has started to circulate within some outbreaks mainly due to a human error, to precautionary measures not carried out correctly”.



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