News anchor fired after Harley Quinn cameo in Adam Sandler’s ‘Hubie Halloween’


Adam Sandler, known from Uncut Gems, recently released a new movie for Netflix called Hubie Halloween. Alaina Pinto, a news anchor of the TV channel WHDH 7 in Boston, had also managed to score a small role in this. However, now she has been fired for her cameo.Pinto just played himself, but had to be dressed as Harley Quinn for the scene and was in breach of contract. Now that the film can be seen on the streaming giant, Pinto was fired after about four years.

Pinto also spoke out on her Twitter page. She said, among other things: ”I accidentally committed an offense and as unfortunate as it is, I can understand why management kicked me out. I am very disappointed and saddened and hoped things had turned out differently”.

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