News Analysis: Paris Olympic Games adjusts China’s track and field or welcomes the new gold

News Analysis: Paris Olympic Games adjusts Chinese track and field or welcomes new gold points

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 8th. News analysis: Paris Olympic Games adjusts Chinese track and field or welcomes new gold points

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Junkuan Wei Hua Zhang Yueshan

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Committee decided on the 8th Beijing time the events for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The track and field event known as the “mother of sports” has a minor adjustment this time. The long-established men’s 50-kilometer race walking event was “cut” and replaced by a mixed race walking event. This is undoubtedly a major good news for the Chinese track and field team, which has outstanding overall strength in race walking and relatively equal levels of men and women. The Paris Olympic Games The Chinese team is expected to usher in a new gold point with a higher “insurance coefficient”.

Streamlining the competition, gender equality and paying attention to the needs of young people are the main ideas for the adjustment of the Paris Olympic Games. It is not unexpected that the men’s 50 km project was “cut”. On the one hand, this event is the longest and longest time-consuming event in track and field competitions. It is also one of the most difficult and boring Olympic events. It is not popular among young people. On the other hand, the 50-kilometer race walking is the only minor event in the Olympic track and field competition that only has men and does not correspond to women’s competitions. From the perspective of pursuing “equality between men and women”, it is obviously not up to the requirements.

Previously, the World Athletics Federation proposed two solutions to the International Olympic Committee. One is to replace men’s 50-kilometer race walking with a mixed cross-country running relay, and the other is to add women’s 50-kilometer race walking to achieve gender equality. However, the IOC Executive Committee ultimately failed to adopt either plan. Adding a women’s 50-kilometer race walking out of thin air means an increase in the number of participants and the scale of the competition; trail running competitions need to be carried out on natural tracks, and the introduction of hybrid trail running relays means the need to increase new competition venues. Both programs are related to streamlining competitions. The requirements are at odds.

In the end, the compromise solution given by the IOC Executive Committee was to cancel the men’s 50-kilometer race walking event and add a mixed race for men and women. It can be race walking or a relay event on the track. In short, it must be in the existing race. Venue. The IAAF needs to make a final decision before May 31, 2021 to determine the form of the new project.

The World Athletics Federation gave an answer soon afterwards. The organization stated in a communiqué that although the specific format of the competition requires the opinions of athletes and the competition committee, the new mixed event will only consider walking.

For a long time, race walking has been the traditional advantage of Chinese track and field. Up to now, it has won 5 Olympic gold medals, including 1 women’s 10 km race walking and two men’s and women’s 20 km race walking. The men’s 50-kilometer race walking is actually a relatively weak event for the Chinese team. It has always been regarded as a “card point” for the Chinese team, rather than a truly reliable gold point.

In terms of women’s race walking, the Chinese team has a group of world-class athletes such as Liu Hong, Qiyang Shijie and Yang Jiayu. The overall strength is strong and the age distribution is relatively reasonable. In addition, some young players have participated in the Youth Olympic Games and World Cup in recent years. There are also frequent gains in youth competitions such as youth competitions. Judging from the current situation, by the 2024 Paris Olympics, it is more likely that Chinese female race walkers will continue to maintain their group advantage. Regardless of whether the newly-added mixed men’s and women’s events adopt the form of team or relay, the chance of winning gold for the Chinese team is higher than that of the men’s 50 km event.

However, it is worth noting that although Chen Ding and Wang Zhen have won gold medals for the Chinese team in the past two Olympics, the overall level of domestic men’s race walkers has declined in recent years, there is a lack of stable leaders, and the performance of newcomers is not enough. Dazzling. After the Rio Olympics, Chinese players have never won individual championships in the men’s adult competition in the World Series.

In the past two years, the pace of progress in Japan’s race walking is amazing, especially in the men’s event, which has successively won championships, which has made the Chinese team feel a certain amount of pressure. Four years later, whether the overall strong Russian players can lift the ban is still unknown. If the Chinese team wants to win the “top spot” in this new race walking event at the Paris Olympics, it must improve the strength of the men’s event as soon as possible and strive to return to the world’s leading level. Only when men and women “fly with each other” can the “insurance factor” of new gold points be truly improved.



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