News 24 | Nazaha: A judge was arrested while receiving a bribe of 500,000 riyals in exchange for seeking a final sentence in the city

The Anti-Corruption Authority, ‘Nazaha’ arrested a judge of the Appeal Court in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah region with flagrante delicto while receiving an amount of 500,000 riyals out of an amount of 4 million riyals.

He explained that the defendant, Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Juhaini, agreed to receive this amount from a citizen in exchange for a request to issue a final judgment in a case filed in the Tribunal in one of the regions.

And he noted that legal proceedings against those involved have been completed, as required by law and information.

The authority said it continues to monitor and police anyone who exploits the labor to achieve their own self-interest, or to harm the public interest, and that it was continuing to implement what the system demands against offenders without complacency.

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