News 24 | Corona developments: an increase in critical cases, new infections, and a decrease in deaths

Today (Wednesday), the statistics of the Ministry of Health showed an increase in critical cases and new infections recorded with the “Corona” virus during the past 24 hours, and a decrease in deaths.

The statistics indicated that 50 new cases of infection were recorded today, an increase of 4 cases from those recorded yesterday, bringing the total number of registered cases to 828,012 cases of the virus.

And she indicated that the cases of recovery from the virus witnessed a decrease from yesterday, as it recorded 42 cases, bringing the total cases of recovery to 815,570 cases.

She indicated that a decrease in deaths was recorded with one new death, bringing the total number of deaths due to the virus in the Kingdom to 9,575 deaths.

She added that critical cases witnessed an increase, with 4 new cases entering intensive care, bringing the total number of severe cases to 29.

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