News 24 | 4 heat waves damage mental health..and these are ways to relieve symptoms

The National Center for Mental Health Promotion reviewed the impact of heat waves on mental health in light of the high temperatures during the current period.

The center explained that the hot weather, especially in these days of the summer, causes damage to mental health, especially as high temperature increases symptoms of aggression, anxiety, schizophrenia and tension.

He pointed out that studies have discovered that this atmosphere affects not only those who suffer from mental illness, but also healthy people, and that high temperatures can weaken their mental health in general.

He noted that some feel psychological and mood changes due to the change of seasons, and they suffer from seasonal affective disorders. It also increases with high temperatures and a feeling of extreme heat, narrowness and tension, so rates of violence, quarrels and laziness increase, in addition to depression.

To relieve these symptoms, the center advised not to be exposed to the sun directly, wear light clothes, take a shower with cold water, avoid eating fatty foods, avoid crowded places, and adhere to medication appointments.

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