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Prague A new measure against the new coronavirus, which will be announced by the Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES), will concern cultures. Denku Mlad fronta Dnes (MfD) the minister said that this was a fully closed example of theaters. Dalm must be able to allow only coronavirus-infected families to spend quarantine in the hotel chosen by the government.


The introduction of basic measures against a disease covid-19 effective from Monday Prymula announced on Wednesday. Czech television said that the measures will not affect the economy, but leisure activities and will pay for two weeks. Abandoned Minister announces the bird.

They will definitely take care of the culture, Prymula told MfD. He stated that this is a completely closed example of theaters, according to the day there will be no concerts and no cinemas. Minister of Culture Lubomr Zaorlek (SSD) announced on Wednesday that he had given support for limited cultural events if he did not receive more pensions for the protection of culture.

Prymula wants to introduce measures that can reduce the transmission of the virus among family shelters. Nakaen only families could spend a quarantine at the hotel. These are people who do not have the ability to observe the quarantine at home so that they are not in contact with their loved ones. This will ensure that they can be elsewhere for ten days. It can be hotels, said the minister MfD.

Prymula spoke about the possibility to move to hotels in hospitals with coronavirus. It should be about people who do not need health care, just waiting for a place in social facilities, said Minister Radius Impuls.

The aim of the proposed measure is to increase the free capacity of hospitals for acute patients with coronavirus. The president of the Association of Hotel and Restaurant R (AHR) in response said that the association will provide for this el capacity throughout the country. There should be mainly hotels, which are now closed.

Lid nakaench novm koronavirem v esku v poslednch tdnech vrazn pibv. Po ternch skoro 4500 nov nakaench pibylo ve stedu 5335 ppad, co byl nejvy denn prstek od zatku epidemie.

In recent times, the number of hospitalized people has risen rapidly in the Czech Republic, and the number of people with covid-19 in hospitals has risen by more than half in 1563 in the last week.



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