Newest Information 13,3777 persons confirmed nationwide right up until 9pm

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As the new corona virus an infection (Corona 19) ongoing, 130,000 verified new workforce ended up reported to have occurred by 9pm on the 18th.

In accordance to every single neighborhood government, 13,3777 people today ended up confirmed in the affirmation of Corona 19 in 17 cities nationwide from :00 to 21:00. This is a lower of 3,6293 people the working day before.

At 21:00 the new confirmations had been 6,254 (45.%) in the metropolitan region and 7,3523 (55.%) in the non-money area.

By area, 33,208 folks in Gyeonggi, 9,1033 in Seoul, 9491 in Gyeongnam, 8620 in Gyeongbuk, 7956 in Daegu, 6702 in Incheon, 6013 in Jeonnam, 6004 in Chungnam, 5736 in Jeonbuk, 5380 in Gwangju and 4756 in Chungbuk There are 4387 Daejeon, 4304 in Gangwon, 3967 in Busan, 3141 in Ulsan, 2102 in Jeju and 977 in Sejong.

At the close of the aggregation, the amount of new confirmations is envisioned to enhance in 50 % to 130,000.

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