Newest house 2 information for these days August 17, 2022

Most up-to-date news and house 2 rumors for today 17 August 2022:

  1. Tigran Salibekov spent the evening with a new participant in the project, would choose care of her and organize a day for a new passion, but the lady was thrown out the gate to go away Alexei Adeev’s admirers in the undertaking. A further attempt by Salibekov make associations failed?
  2. Aleksey Adeev questioned the hosts of Property 2 to go away two of his enthusiasts in Polyana: a person for Lyosha and the other for Maxim Kolesnikov, who no longer is aware of how to get rid of Ekaterina Gorina, who is displaying her sympathy also actively.
  3. Vlad Dubrovsky entered extreme alteration. She joked unsuccessfully, poking Anton Sannikov’s girlfriend by the ass. Subsequently, Anton beat Dubrovsky and knocked out his tooth. However, Ivan Barzikov could also hurt Dubrovsky’s enamel, who also attacked Vlad in assist of Sannikov. Dubrovsky will file a police criticism towards Sannikov.
  4. Previous Home 2 member Alexandra Cherno listened to criticism from anti-fans and for the initially time in a very long time went for a wander with her son. Prior to that, she was certain a blogger mother could only walk with her young children on weekends. As she ought to know, for the reason that on weekends Cherno usually visits leisure establishments?
  5. Alexander Gobozov – the everlasting romantic from Home 2 celebrates his birthday. We congratulate Sasha and desire him to lastly locate his adore for him and uncover a home.
  6. Alena Ashmarina, a former member of Home 2, is delighted that Ilya Grigorenko has begun maintaining her guarantees and known as her daughter Alice at the appointed time. Wow, what a miracle, Grigorenko is aspect of the fast paced routine of blogger Ashmarina?
  7. Major Home 2 Ksenia Borodina on holiday vacation in Turkey elevated a incredibly sensitive subject. It looks to Ksenia that quite a few developed adult males are driving the times and nevertheless don swimsuits on the beach front, so they glance exciting. For illustration, Borodina took various adult men on holiday, demonstrating pics to subscribers. Dwelling 2 is sinking, but does Borodina have any thoughts of her about strangers?
  8. Anastasia Bigrina is by now pondering about returning to the task. Evgeny Romashov’s spouse admits that it is complicated to stay outside the perimeter, but it is extremely interesting and enjoyment, moreover she and Zhenya are their masters. If the situations for getting back again in entrance of the cameras are very, quite fantastic, then the Romashovs could return. How do you truly feel about the return of the Romashovs to the undertaking?
  9. Latest Residence 2 news from for today 08/17/2022 – Former House 2 associates Ilya Yabbarov and Anastasia Gold relaxation in Crimea, exactly where they are warmly welcomed by people to nightclubs and discos. Why did Yabbarov deceive the viewers of the Tv set challenge, promising to return to Polyana in the near future?

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