Newells and Arsenal meet in Rosario with different goals

Newell’s adds 32 points, is in the Copa Sudamericana zone and will be looking to return to victory to ratify his place in that tournament, as well as aspire to qualify for the Copa Libertadores.

Arsenal, who have 23 points, come from the 1-0 home defeat against Independiente and will try to recover because they have the third worst average, 1,102, with which they overtake Patronato (1,030) and Aldosivi (1,010), which is of nine points, in the hot zone of the descents.

A win for the “Viaducto” team will keep them away from relegation, the goal that the team led by Leonardo Madelón is currently looking for.

–Possible Formations–

Newell’s: Lautaro Acosta; Thomas Jacob, Gustavo Velazquez, Christian Lema and Willter Ditta; Armando Mendez, Pablo Perez, Juan Sforza and Francisco Gonzalez or Marco Campagnaro; Cristiano Ferreira; and Giovanni Manuel Garcia. DT: Adrian Coria.

Arsenal: Alexander Medina; Christian Chimino, Ignacio Gariglio, Gaston Goni and Damian Perez; Mauro Pitton, Dardo Miloc, William Machado and Facundo Kruspzky; Sebastian Lomonaco and Alexander Diaz. DT: Leonard Madelon.

Cancha: Newell’s old boys

Starting time: 16.30

Referee: Yael Falcon Perez

TV: TNT Sport.

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