New Zealand declares a tsunami warning After an 8.1 magnitude earthquake

New Zealand authorities announce tsunami warnings in seven areas after earthquake magnitude 8.1.

5 March 2021 Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Wellington Notice of tsunami warning via Facebook page After the magnitude 8.1 earthquake, Thai people in the affected area are urged to monitor and monitor New Zealand official news / announcements closely. The message follows …

Urgent: New Zealand authorities declare a tsunami warning.

New Zealand authorities issued a tsunami warning after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck the northeastern part of the country. In the Kermadec Islands region, Thais in the affected areas are therefore urged to monitor and monitor New Zealand official news / announcements closely. And strictly follow the recommendations of the New Zealand authorities.

Warning area

  1. North Island west coast Cape Reinga – Ahipara – Makara (including the west coast of Auckland / Manukau Harbor / New Plymouth / Whanganui / Kapiti Coast)
  2. North Island’s east coast, Cape Reinga – Whangarei – Matamata (including the west coast of Auckland / Waiheke Island / Waitemata Harbor / Tauranga) and the Tolaga Bay – Lake Ferry area (including Gisborne / Napier).
  3. The western and southern coasts of the South Island around Farewell Spit – Puysegur Point (including Westport / Greymouth / Hokitika).
  4. Farewell Spit – Port Underwood North Island (including Nelson / Picton / Marlborough Sounds)
  5. East and south coasts of the South Island, Waipara River – Rakaia River (including Christchurch / Banks Peninsula) and Taieri River area.
  6. Puysegur Point (including Invercargill)
  7. Stewart Island and Chatham Islands area

Advice for those in areas near the sea

  1. Follow NZ Civil Defense news and announcements (
  2. Strictly follow Civil Defense regulations if evacuation is declared from vulnerable areas. By maintaining a distance of 2 meters between others in accordance with the Covid-19 epidemic prevention measure.
  3. Away from a beach or coastal area (sea, river, estuary, etc.)
  4. Pass the information to the acquaintance.
  5. For those on the coast of the warning area Or other coastal areas where strong or prolonged earthquakes are felt. New Zealand authorities have requested that they be removed immediately, without waiting for an Emergency Mobile Alert, and to the nearest altitude. Or get out of the Tsunami Evacuation Zone or as far away as you can.
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For preparing for the tsunami And inspecting / studying the evacuation area The New Zealand authorities (the National Emergency Management Agency) can see details at

*** Urgent: New Zealand authorities have announced a tsunami warning …

Posted by Royal Thai Embassy, Wellington when Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mrs. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. Post messages via Facebook page than Hope you all are okay – especially the people of the east coast. Who felt the tremors from the earthquake fully (The map shows the number of people reporting this nationwide)

Hope everyone is ok out there – especially on the East Coast who would have felt the full force of that earthquake (the map here shows just how many people were reporting it across the country)

Posted by Jacinda Ardern when Thursday, March 4, 2021

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