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New York remains the most expensive city to park a car. According to a study by the service provider Parkopedia, Australia is at the top of the rankings and Germany is at the bottom of the rankings. According to this, a two-hour garage in New York costs 41.44 euros, by far the highest value of all 50 cities surveyed. Sydney (EUR 31.39) and Brisbane (EUR 23.03) follow at some distance. The most expensive European city in the ranking is London in 8th place with 16 euros. A German city was not included.

In the ranking of countries, Australia precedes the USA (9.38 euros) and Israel (8.45 euros) with an average price of 18.38 euros for two hours. Norway in 5th place is the leader in Europe and, with a price of 8.36 euros, slightly precedes Holland with 7.39 euros. With 4.06 euros, Germany is in 22nd place between the United Kingdom and Latvia. Turkey closes the ranking with 0.93 cents.

If parking costs are compared to per capita income, Germany drops by two places. Australia remains the most expensive, followed by Russia and Greece. The cheapest are Slovenia, Croatia and Singapore.

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