New Yorkers victims of aggressive squirrels

Pandemic, confinement, snowstorm … The year 2020 has brought its share of hardships to the inhabitants of New York, but they are not at the end of their sentence: violent squirrels are watching them.

Residents of the Rego Park neighborhood in Queens, east of the city, have complained of several squirrel attacks in recent months, with a woman who even had to go to hospital after a bite to her hand, said reported local media.

“He bit or scratched my neck, I had to try to reach it with my hands then it turned into a wrestling match and I lost”, said Michelin Frederick, assaulted on December 21, to the WABC radio station.

Her hands were covered in blood and bruises, and Mrs. Frederick had to be vaccinated against rabies as a precaution.

She is particularly worried about the neighborhood children.

Another resident explained that she now moves with pepper spray to defend herself in the event of an attack by climbing rodents.

New York health officials have advised residents to hire a professional to deal with this local wildlife problem.

“Squirrels and other small rodents are rarely carriers of rabies,” said city services in a statement.

The New York City Parks Management Department has warned residents against distributing food to squirrels, which accustom them to human contact.

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