New Yorkers less optimistic about recovery NYC

A new poll released this morning reveals that the majority of New Yorkers view the future of the city with less optimism, due to concerns about crime, lack of affordable housing and the pandemic.

Regional Plan Association (RPA) survey results show 41% of residents are satisfied with the overall direction of the region, compared to similar survey report results from March 2021 showing that 50% of the region’s residents were satisfied.

A higher proportion also express concern about crime, saying their community feels less safe than before the pandemic.

53% of residents (59% in New York City, 49% outside of New York City) now say they would move out of their neighborhood if they could, compared to 52% in March 2021, and the 36% in 2013.

Residents throughout the region cite the high cost of housing as the number one reason for wanting to move.

“The last few months have been the most difficult in the history of the region. The results of this survey show that problems with quality of life and prospects continue to exist,” said Tom Wright, President and CEO of the Regional Plan Association .

“While there is optimism about the potential of our region, it is clear that we have to move forward with future-proof projects like Gateway, Penn Station and creating more affordable housing,” added Wright.

Watch the video with reporter Yeila Lluberes in more detail from Inwood.

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