New York Youth Job Fair Offers Jobs with City Police Department | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

victims are 16 and 17 years old,his condition is stable andwanted to cooperate withinformation to the police.of violence like this I don’t knowkeep happening, don’t keep goinghappening, there are differentprograms to removeyouth from the streets. one ofthis is from the nypd.íctor: yeila lluberes usinforms how to guide thethe bad steps.yeila: we arrived at the academyof the police in queens, wherea fair was heldjobs for young peopleparticipated in the programuniformed you can get informationabout jobs withhow to get a job withthe nypdwe meet this young ladywho tells us his was important for you to formpart of this programsummer, you were workingwith the police, what motivated you toselect that job?What motivated me was that Ii want to be a member of the nypd.this helped me learna lot of department stuff.yeila: there are many opportunitiesworking with the policeyou want to continue with himpolice department. Iyou said it’s important toof.>> yeah, right. I think that thisyouth help programthat they are going to a bad way forlet them go to a better path.Yeila: we arrived at the table whereyou wanted[habla en ingés]are you ready for these 6months of training withpolice team?is this your dream?Yes, I am well prepared.yeila: this year the nypd offered800 temporary jobs toyoung people with the intention oftake off the streetstimes when the cityfaces a 31% increase inlike grand theftsscale increased by 41%,robberies by 36%.and aggressions by 34%the intention of programs likethese in getting the young people out ofthe streets adapting or following thethat rising crime in new>> it serves to remove them,also to connect withofficers in your community.yeila: do you think it isimportant that they offer this?the answer was thatit seemed like a good idea to offerservices.conozca ace on ómofind a job for one of

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