New York Yankees Miss MLB Playoffs in 2023: Aaron Judge Reflects on Team’s Failure

New York Yankees Miss MLB Playoffs in 2023: Aaron Judge Reflects on Team’s Failure

Los New York Yankees They consummated another year of disappointment for their fans by not qualifying for the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) postseason, so Aaron Judge and company will be out of business in October, thus extending their drought without a World Series since 2009.

The ‘Bronx Bombers’ sealed their elimination and their hopes of fighting for the American League Wild Card over the weekend by losing against the Arizona Diamondbacks, marking the first time since 2016 that they will not play in the Playoffs.

Aaron Judge: “It’s a failure”

This, without a doubt, set off the alarms for Captain Judge who appeared before the media to give his evaluation of the Yankees’ campaign, taking into account the high expectations behind the New York organization.

“If I’m not here standing in front of you after a championship, it’s a failure,” Judge confessed last Sunday. “After all the work you have done in the preseason, training, preparing, coming here every day, rain or shine to play a game, it is about bringing a title. That’s why we play. That is why I am here”.

In turn, the current MVP of the American League was clear about his perspective towards the changes that must be made internally in the team if it wants to aspire to the place it “should be.”

“That’s why I came back to New York with this group of guys, to build something and get New York back to where it’s supposed to be. When you don’t show up and produce and they throw you out like that in the regular season, that’s a big failure. We have a lot of work to do, a lot of internal conversations, a lot of things to solve,” he noted.

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It should be noted that the absence of Aaron Judge for a large part of the season was one of the most specific aspects that caused the decline of the ‘Bronx’ team by missing 54 games. In addition to the prolonged injuries of their starting staff between Carlos Rodón, Néstor Cortés and Luis Severino.

Aaron Judge. (Photo: Instagram @thejudge44)

With a couple of series to play against the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals, the Yankees only have to say goodbye to this campaign to implement the next plan with a view to demonstrating why they are the second most expensive team in all of them. the MLB.

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