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In the United States, the issue of abortion is once again at the center of debate. Last week, a leaked document revealed that the Supreme Court was considering leaving states free to ban it. A reality that is already very tangible in some of them, which push women to travel thousands of kilometers to have an abortion, as in New York.

For at least a week, not a day has gone by in New York without a demonstration for the right to abortion. The protesters also received highly symbolic support, that of Letitia James, the New York State Attorney General.

“I will not let Justice Alito or any Supreme Court justice tell me or you what to do with our bodies!”

In front of the crowd, Letitia James says she had an abortion several years ago, like many American women. She considers the draft Supreme Court decisions scandalous and she is committed to protecting this right in New York.

“Let people know that New York is a state where access to abortion is a fundamental freedom and that we will not allow the Supreme Court to trample on that right. I also want to tell those in these conservative states that New York it’s here for you!”

The right to abortion in New York law

If the Attorney General makes such a promise, it’s because New York enshrined the right to abortion in its 2019 laws. Abortions are possible up to the 24th week of pregnancy, while many Republican states have reduced this period to less than 6 weeks. An aid fund has also just been set up to enable women in need to finance their procedure.

Measures that some protesters say they are very proud of. “Anti-abortion activists call New York the abortion capital of America, and I know they say that as an insult. But if New York is a city where anyone in need of care has access, it’s because we do things right here.” explains one of them.

>> Look at some pictures of the demonstrations in favor of the right to abortion:

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Protests for abortion rights on the streets of the United States / Video news / 1 min. / May 5, 2022

16,000 women a year in New York for an abortion

Because of this situation, more and more women are coming to the big city on the east coast to have an abortion. According to a study by the University of Buffalo, almost 16,000 people make this choice every year. Merle Hoffman is now used to this scenario. Her clinic, Women Choices, is one of the oldest abortion facilities in the country.

Faced with the increase of patients from other states, it even created a special location to handle these files. But the situation worries him a lot. According to her, the eventual decision of the Supreme Court would be a dramatic step backwards.

Women are not going to stop abortion. If it becomes illegal again, they will just be slaughtered in secret and die. What are we going to do? Go to Mexico or Colombia, where they just legalized abortion. ? Can you imagine that!?” , he concludes.

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