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New York Weather Forecast: Dressing Tips for Monday in the Big Apple

How should you dress to go out this Monday in New York? For starters, the approximate temperature for today is according to The forecast for the Big Apple will be a high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22ºC) and a low of 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16ºC). The thermal sensation, that is, the “real temperature” you feel will be a maximum of 72ºF (22ºC) and a minimum of 72ºF (22ºC).

Will we have water? We know this is probably your next question and we have an answer for you too. According to the latest information available, the chance of precipitation is 45% during the day and 49% at night. Cloud coverage, for its part, will be 46% during the day and 14% at night.

Wind gusts will reach a maximum of 4.35 mph during the day and 4.35 mph at night, so light clothing is recommended. During this time of the year, the first rays of the Sun reach us with sunrise at 5:47 am, and she leaves us on the horizon at 7:58 pm. In total, we have 14 hours of sun during the day.

The weather forecast for tomorrow in New York

As for the weather tomorrow in New York City it will be cloudy and clear with a low probability of precipitation. The temperature will be between 61 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (16 and 24ºC). Chances of rain will be 14% in the morning, 25% in the afternoon and 14% at night.

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The weather in New York

The climate of New York is a humid climate, characterized by cold winters and hot summers.. Rainfall is constant throughout the year, with storms in the summer and snow in the winter. The proximity of the Atlantic coast helps to reduce the maximum temperature. The coldest months are December and March, and the hottest months are between July and August.

What is the weather like in the United States?

A country as big as The climate in the United States varies greatly depending on the region and time of year.. For example, on the East Coast, the predominant climates are a humid subtropical climate in the southeastern part of the country and a humid continental climate further to north, in particular, towards latitudes between 40°N and 70°N.

While humid subtropical climate It is characterized by warm summers with high humidity and cool winters with high rainfall in coastal areas, the climate There is rain throughout the year which turns into winter and strong storms in the summer months.

The western United States has at least three main climates: semiarid, arid and Mediterranean.. The semiarid cold climate includes the midwest and northern United States, with little rainfall and low temperatures.

The southwest has a cold or hot climate, with very cold winters and mild summers in the cold and very cold summers and mild winters. Both have little water due to acidity. The Mediterranean climate is found in the coastal area of ​​the western region and has wet, mild winters and dry, hot summers.

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