New York wants to test 40,000 people a day

The US state of New York, which has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, wants to drastically increase the number of virus tests. “Starting today, all pharmacies are allowed to carry out tests,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo at his daily press conference yesterday. This would make 5,000 new test locations available in one fell swoop.

Reuters / Mike Segar

So far, New York is checking around 20,000 people a day, according to Cuomo, more than any other US state. At the same time, he relaxed the conditions for access to an investigation. In the past, many clinics only accepted people with severe coronavirus symptoms such as shortness of breath. In future, citizens are to be tested in particularly important professions, such as doctors, police officers and firefighters.

Possibly one in five infected

Cuomo also announced that it would increase the number of antibody tests. On Thursday, preliminary results of an antibody study had shown that one in five people in the metropolis was infected with the virus. Across the state, the figure was 14 percent. This means that significantly more people there could contract Covid-19 and possibly be immune than previously known.

The situation in New York seems to be improving. For almost a week, the number of deaths has been less than 500 per day. In the weddings there were almost 800 victims every day. In total, more than 16,000 people have died of Covid-19 in the state so far.

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